Dubai wife, 15, 'sent to live with parents' after false affair claims

15-year-old Syrian housewife who falsely claimed her uncle was having sex with her is reprimanded and sent to live with her parents.

DUBAI // A 15-year-old housewife falsely claimed her uncle had been having an affair with her.

The Criminal Court yesterday sentenced her to a reprimand – meaning a judge will talk with her to explain the gravity of her actions.

The Syrian teenager told her husband her aunt’s Saudi Arabian spouse B?A, 38, had taken advantage of their marital problems and her young age and seduced her.

Explaining to her husband why her uncle’s number was stored in her phone, she said that the pair often flirted over the phone and had numerous trysts in which they would have sex at her apartment in Al Qusais.

She kept to her story when interrogated by investigators after her husband reported the uncle to police on November 14 last year.

However, the uncle, a general manager, told investigators she was like his daughter and that he could never do such a thing.

He said he had never visited the young wife at her apartment when she was alone. He said he visited the apartment once with his wife to give the girl money because she was having marital problems.

The girl later retracted her allegations. DNA tests showed no evidence that the uncle had sex with the girl, so charges against him were dismissed. The girl was then charged with filing a false report to authorities.