Dubai Police officers tackle armed man after fatal stabbing in street

Two patrolmen disarmed and restrained the suspect who carried a knife in each hand

A man has died from stab wounds after an attack outside a grocery shop in Dubai.

The incident happened at about 2pm on Friday in the busy Freij Murar area of Naif, Deira.

An Arab man carrying two knives was disarmed and arrested at the scene.

Corporal Abdullah Al Hosani and patrol officer Abdullah Noor Al Din were alerted after people congregated around the suspect.

“They noticed the huge crowd gathered,” said Brigadier Tariq Tahlak, head of Naif Police Station.

“He was waving the knives around hysterically and threatening to attack whoever came near.”

The station chief said the police officers tackled the suspect.

“They disarmed and tied him up while waiting for backup, preventing him from committing further assaults,” said Brig Tahlak.

The motive behind the attack is not clear, but witnesses told police the suspect and victim walked into the shop together.

When the victim went to leave, the suspect stabbed him repeatedly in the back.

“He then left him bleeding heavily on the ground and started screaming and waving the knives to scare the crowd," Brig Tahlak said.

The injured man was taken to hospital where he later died.

Police declined to disclose further details, other than that the two men were from the same undisclosed country. The suspect was forwarded for prosecution.

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