Dubai court: Maids 'stole cash and left paralysed woman to fend for herself'

Kenyan pair allegedly left ill woman alone and fled, and the woman's sister only found out when paramedics couldn't get in to the home.

Two maids allegedly stole Dh6,000 in cash and fled their jobs, leaving a paralysed woman on her own, a Dubai court has heard.

The woman's sister, who works for Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, found out her maids had left when ambulance staff arrived to treat her ailing sister and could not get into the house.

“It happened in August 2015. I was in my office when I received a call from an ambulance staff member telling me that they responded to an emergency call from my paralyzed sister, and that they arrived to my home in Al Rashidiya and were ringing the bell but no one was opening for them,” said the 47-year-old Emirati woman.

Paramedics waited for more than 15 minutes as she tried to call her maids and her ill sister but none of them were picking up.

"I then called my nephew and told him to open up and he told me the maids were not home,” she added.

The woman directed her nephew to let the paramedics in before checking for the maids and their passports.

“He looked in the room where the maids’ passports were kept and he told me that the passports were missing, as well as Dh6,000 in cash, so I headed to the police station and reported them,” said the woman.

The two Kenyan defendants were arrested this year and referred to prosecutors, where they allegedly admitted to absconding and stealing cash from their employer.

However, at Dubai Criminal Court on Thursday morning,

Published: August 17, 2017 03:38 PM