Dh2,000 fine for toilet peeper

Man was spying on women from inside a bathroom stall, court rules.

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DUBAI // An unemployed man was fined Dh2,000 this morning for spying on a hairdresser in a women's toilet at a shopping mall.

The 34-year-old Sri Lankan RS was convicted of molestation and entering a place only for women. He confessed to the charges when he appeared in court on July 10.

A 29-year-old Filipina said during prosecution investigations that about 11.30pm a stranger knocked on the toilet's door where she was and told her a man was peeping at her from above the door of the next stall.

Together they knocked on the door of that stall and told him to get out. A few minutes later, he emerged and the women called security for help.

RS got away, but was arrested later when a taxi driver called police because RS drunkenly attacked him, records show.