Cleaner who molested boy at Dubai mosque has jail term increased

Dubai Court of Appeal increases cleaner's prison sentence to five years from three

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A cleaner who sexually assaulted a boy at a mosque in Dubai has had his three-year jail term increased by two years.

The Afghan boy, seven, visited a mosque in Al Rafaa with his mother on June 4 when he stepped away from her to get some water.

Judges heard that the Bangladeshi cleaner, 31, lured the boy to the women’s praying area where he turned off the lights and molested him.

He then threatened the boy against telling his parents what happened.

“My son came running towards me and he was very scared,” the mother told the court.

After his mother calmed him down, the boy told her mother what happened. He said the cleaner promised him sweets and toys if he did not to tell anyone about the incident.  
Moment later the cleaner approached the two carrying toys and sweets.
"I screamed at him and asked him to leave. He begged me not to alert my husband or police but I did," she said.
The man was arrested the following day and, during police questioning, admitted to molesting the boy.
In September, he was convicted of sexual assault and sentenced to two years in prison.

At Dubai Court of Appeal on Thursday, his sentence was increased to five years in prison followed by deportation.