Charges brought against those accused of sedition in UAE

Charges range from defying the system of governance in the state, to pledging loyalty to their organisation rather than to the state.

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Among the charges faced by the 94 accused are: defying the system of governance in the state, seeking to overtake the country’s leadership, and linking to foreign organisations in their efforts to do so.

Some are charged with raising funds to support an organisation with these aims, and of establishing a board of directors and organising committees to support the organisation and spread its influence throughout the country.

Some have been charged with urging others to pledge their loyalty to their organisation rather than the state, with infiltrating government institutions, and with raising funds for the organisation through membership fees, Zakat, donations, and property deals.

Some have also been charged with establishing a media committee that would further the organisation’s goals through printed and electronic propoganda, and incite demonstrations both in the UAE and abroad.

The media committee is also accused of communicating with international associations to weaken the state, and with using social networking to defame the country’s leadership.

Others have been accused of establishing an educational committee to prepare mentors and train new leaders by targeting the country’s student unions and other educational institutions.

* Ayesha Al Khoori