Blackmailer brought to justice after being implicated in suicide note

Pakistani man had threatened to share intimate images if he didn't get an iPhone 5s

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A blackmailer who threatened to share intimate images of a former colleague has been brought to justice - after being implicated in a suicide note.

The Pakistani defendant, 23, used pictures he had gained of the worker with another man as leverage to secure an iPhone, Dubai Criminal Court heard.

A Filipino man, who was in the images with the offender's ex-colleague,  subsequently took his own life at at a labour accommodation in Al Muhaisnah on July 29, 2017.

Police found a suicide note among his belongings, which stated he had killed himself and detailed the initials of the blackmailer and called on police to arrest him.

An investigation was launched and the deceased's colleague was later arrested in connection with the incident.

He admitted during police questioning that he had used images of the victim that he had in his possession for his own personal gain.

“He (the deceased) had an affair with an Arab man who used to work with me before he resigned and returned to his home country,” said the accused to prosecutors.

“After his return, he sent me intimate pictures of him with the deceased and I used these pictures to blackmail the deceased into buying me an iPhone.”

Prosecutors said the guilty party had threatened to post the images, which he has received in WhatsApp messages, on social media unless he received an iPhone 5s.

He was convicted of issuing threats and blackmail and sentenced to six months in prison.

He will be deported at the end of his sentence.