Attempted murder charges dropped after reconciliation

Man had been accused of stabbing attack over queue-jumping.

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DUBAI // Charges have been dropped against a clerk charged with attempted murder because he reconciled with the victim, a court said this morning.

The 23-year-old Pakistani defendant AM had denied the charges with a smile this month in the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance.

"There was a dispute between us and its over," he told the court.

According to prosecutors, on February 20 AM attempted to kill AH by stabbing him with a dagger in the abdomen.

AM then aimed for AH's neck, but AH dodged and suffered only a cut on his face from his forehead to his chin, records show.

AH, a Somali salesman, said that on the morning of the incident, he had gone to Rashid Port to finish some work for his company. He said AM flew into a rage after missing his turn in a line in which they both were waiting.