Dubai Court requests more documents in Sanjay Shah extradition case

A ruling in the British hedge fund trader’s case is expected next week

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. 20 September 2017. CEO of Autism Rocks Mr Sanjay Shah at his offices in DIFC (Photo: Antonie Robertson/The National) Journalist: Suzanne Clocke. Section: Business.
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Authorities in Denmark have been asked by the Dubai Court to provide additional documents related to the extradition case involving British hedge fund trader Sanjay Shah.

The case was heard in court for the first time on August 8 but has been delayed several times due to Danish authorities failing to provide the additional documents.

“We believe Denmark did not fully comply with the requirements of international extradition treaties and the UAE’s law No 39 on extradition,” a representative of Horizons & Co, the law firm representing Mr Shah, told The National on Thursday.

We believe Denmark did not fully comply with the requirements of international extradition treaties and the UAE’s law No 39 on extradition
Representative of Horizons & Co law firm

The British citizen, 52, is accused of being the key suspect in a $1.7 billion tax fraud investigation by Denmark, which began in 2012.

Dubai Police arrested Mr Shah in the emirate on June 1 on an international arrest warrant issued by authorities in Denmark. He was denied bail by prosecutors in Dubai.

Danish authorities allege that he was the mastermind behind a scheme in which foreign businesses pretended to own shares in Danish companies to claim tax refunds for which they were not eligible.

Mr Shah, who lived on The Palm Jumeirah and ran a centre for autistic children, has denied the charges and said he was working within Danish law.

The international warrant was received by Dubai Police on January 7 and he was arrested five months later in the emirate's Al Rafaa district.

The arrest came after the signing of an extradition agreement between the UAE and Denmark.

Investigations by senior prosecutor Ismail Madani lasted about two months before the case was referred to court.

When asked about the impending verdict, the Horizons & Co representative said: “We have full confidence in the UAE’s legal system.”

During a hearing last Monday, lawyer Ali Al Zarooni asked judges not to extradite his client, who attended the hearing via video conferencing.

Senior judge Rashid Al Smairi will deliver a ruling next week. The ruling can be appealed before the Court of Cassation, the emirate’s highest court.

Updated: September 09, 2022, 1:27 PM