Coronavirus: Three months of house rent waived for 500 families in Dubai and Sharjah

The waiver aims to help tenants struggling financially as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic

Khaled Al Hassan will save dh30,000 from the rent waiver. Courtesy: Khaled Al Hassan 
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More than 500 families across Dubai and Sharjah have had their rent waived for the next three months to help them cope with any financial losses caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Al Husn Properties waived rent for its residential flats and all its commercial offices, shops, warehouses, parking lands and labour camps.

The company owns 600 units in Dubai and Sharjah, including residential flats in Dubai Marina, Sharjah’s King Faisal Road, Al Wahda Road, Al Qulayaa and Al Nasiriya.

“It is a part of our civic duty to be with the UAE government's efforts to support the society and reduce its burden during the current situation,” said Mustafa Al Husseiny, the company’s general manager.

“The idea behind this initiative is to encourage other property owners to have a humanitarian approach towards the tenants in this time of crisis.”

Dyni Binu, 32, will save about Dh10,000 from the waiver. The Indian resident works for a construction company, which has cut their staff's pay by 50 per cent.

Her husband, who works for a shipping company, has not received his salary yet and they expect further delays.

Dyni Binu has received a 50 per cent salary reduction from her job and the waiver will ease her financial burden. Courtesy: Dyni Binu

“In this situation it’s very helpful for us and we’ll be saving a lot,” said Ms Binu, who lives in the Al Zen Tower 2 in Sharjah and pays Dh40,000 in rent each year.

“We moved to this building in the beginning of March and we paid a lot during the moving process. We have two children who we had to send to India to live with my parents as we couldn’t afford the additional heavy costs here.”

Khaled Al Hassan, a Palestinian who lives in Al Husn Marina building with his wife, sister and housemaid, pays Dh130,000 annually for a three-bedroom flat and will save Dh30,000 from the waiver.

Mr Hassan, 34, works for a construction company and expects his salary to be delayed this month.

More than 500 families who live in homes by Al Husn Properties will receive a three-month rent waiver. Courtesy: Al Husn Properties

“We are negotiating if [the company] can just reduce salaries for now,” he said.

“So, the landlord waiving off three months-worth of rent is a huge deal and is definitely going to help us. A big thank you to him as he’s always been there for us.”

Mohammad Siddiqui, 44, who lives in Sharjah's Al Muntazah Plaza, pays an annual rent of Dh24,000 for a two-bedroom flat.

With the waiver in place, the Indian citizen will save about Dh6,000.

“I am a graphic designer freelancer and during these difficult times I haven’t been making as much money as I could’ve been making,” said Mr Siddiqui, who lives with his wife and teenage son.

In March, authorities in Abu Dhabi and Dubai suspended evictions to protect tenants unable to pay rent during these uncertain times.