Coronavirus: Pakistan Consulate-General starts donations to the unemployed

Individuals can donate dried food to help those who find themselves unemployed due to the coronavirus

The Consulate General of Pakistan distributes food to those stranded in the UAE or the suddenly unemployed due to the economic toll of the coronavirus. Courtesy: Consulate General of Pakistan in Dubai
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Members of the community have been asked to make food donations to help those stranded in the UAE and people suffering from the economic fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Consulate General of Pakistan in Dubai made the first set of food donations to those in need on Thursday in a campaign to support those who are suddenly unemployed as a result of the virus.

Hundreds have come forward for assistance this week after being dismissed by employers. Additionally, some Pakistanis on tourist visas are now caught in the UAE after their home country suspended international flights on March 21.

“After the closure of the borders and suspension of the flights, there are many people on visit visas who do not have money for food and, because of the coronavirus, there are many workers who have been laid off by their companies, especially daily wage workers," said Consul-General Ahmed Ali. "This is why we thought it’s important and in this situation we can donate whatever we can to people.”

He said the response from the community has been “overwhelming”.

Pakistan has recorded 1,106 active coronavirus cases, as well as 21 recoveries and eight deaths.

Those who wish to give or receive donations or in knowledge of those distressed, can contact the consulate on WhatsApp at +971-56-396-2911 or email