Climbing temperatures prompt warnings to stay in the shade

As temperatures rise, experts warn residents to protect themselves from the sun and to drink plenty of fluids.

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DUBAI // Experts are urging the public to cover up and drink plenty of fluids as temperatures soar.

During May, the average temperature is around 5°C higher than in April, so people need to take extra care to avoid sun stroke, a spokesman for the National Center of Meteorology and Seismology said yesterday.

The forecast for today and tomorrow is sunny with temperatures of 38°C to 42°C.

Dr Amin al Amiri, the assistant undersecretary of medical practice and license at the Ministry of Health, said that as the weather became warmer people needed to drink more fluids to avoid dehydration, and avoid standing in direct sunlight.

"People should cover their heads and take the necessary precautions to ensure their safety and well-being," Dr al Amiri said.

"Children should be protected from the sun's rays, and if a person has sunstroke, they should seek immediate emergency care and be transferred to a hospital without delay."

The highest temperature recorded this year was 48.1°C at Al Yassat Island at 2pm on Saturday, according to the meteorology centre.

"However, this was for a short period of time and did not last an hour," the spokesman said.

"People should cover their heads and take the necessary precautions to ensure their safety and well-being,"

He said the centre was expecting a slight drop in temperatures this Friday with a north-westerly wind helping to cool coastal areas, especially in the west.

"This is not a big drop, but the temperature will begin to decrease starting Thursday. Despite this small decrease in temperature, people may sense an increase due to the increase in the humidity factor."

The temperature in coastal regions and the islands is expected to be between 33°C and 38°C on Friday and the temperature inland between 38°C and 42°C.

The highest temperature recorded by the meteorology centre was 52°C in the central interior region of Asab in 2005.