Cafeteria worker stabs colleague in face in row over working hours, court told

The man allegedly became angry when confronted about leaving the cafeteria during working hours

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A male cafeteria worker stabbed his colleague in the ear after the latter slapped him for leaving during working hours, Dubai Criminal Court was told.

On December 2, at a cafeteria in Dubai International City, the Pakistani man, 37, reproached the accused about his work ethic. The worker ignored him so the colleague insulted and slapped him.

The Pakistani accused grabbed a knife from the kitchen and tried to stab his colleague twice, but was stopped by two of his co-workers.
"The accused then got hold of the victim and stabbed him in the right ear. The knife came out of the man's mouth and he became hysterical," the cafeteria's cook told prosecutors.
He said someone called police, who advised him to rush the victim to the nearest hospital.

"The people at the clinic could not control the victim and we had to wait for the ambulance," said the cook.
The victim was sedated and taken to Rashid Hospital, where he underwent surgery and remained in the intensive care unit for 22 days.
A medical report revealed that the victim suffered a partial paralysis in his face, caused by nerve damage, and had to be fed using a feeding tube.
The victim was charged with insulting and assaulting his attacker, for slapping him, while the attacker was charged with attempted murder.
Both men denied the charges against them in court.

The next hearing is scheduled for April 14.