Brothers ‘assaulted father who accused them of stealing’

The attack by the two brothers put their father out of work for 20 days.

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DUBAI // Two brothers beat up their father after he accused them of stealing a watch and wallet from his car, a court heard.

The attack left him with a broken finger and cut lip, and he could not work for 20 days, prosecutors said.

The father, Emirati A A, 50, said he went to his sons’ room in his home in Al Warqaa at about 4pm on February 23 last year.

“I asked them to return some of the items they took from my car but they denied taking them. After a heated argument, the two got up and attacked me,” he said.

He told the court this was not the first time they had assaulted him.

The brothers were arrested and said they assaulted their father because he had accused them of theft and insulted their dead mother.

The father denied insulting their mother but did call them thieves.

“They often steal and sell my stuff,” he said.

One of the sons, S A, 18, said his father accused him and his brother, H A, 20, of theft, then threw the missing watch’s box at his sibling.

“It was then when my brother assaulted him,” S A said. “I joined in the assault and when we saw him bleeding from his mouth, we stopped.”

His brother told a different story, saying his father slapped him on the face twice after accusing him of stealing a watch and a wallet.

“He often accuses us of stealing,” he said. “He kicks us out of the house or bans us from getting food from the house. Three years ago he kicked our sister out of the house.”

Both brothers were charged with assaulting their father at the Dubai Court of Misdemeanours but were not present in court to enter a plea.

The next hearing was set for January 28.