Black Monday as four die in car crashes

Four die in road crashes on the final day of Ramadan

ABU DHABI // Four people were killed and several injured in three accidents on Abu Dhabi's roads on Monday.

A Yemeni man and an Emirati man diednear the Al Kobri Bridge in a car carrying four passengers.

Colonel Hamad Nasser Al Baloushi, the head of traffic police for the external Abu Dhabi regions, said that poor weather caused the accident. Two people also suffered minor injuries.

In a separate incident, an Indian man died and four others were hurt when three vehicles collided on route from Marfa port towards Tarif, 10 kilometres from the Al Mugheira U-turn. Col Al Baloushi said this accident was caused by driver distraction and speeding, as well as poor weather conditions.

The fourth person died in the Salamat region of Al Ain.

Major Mohsen Al Mansouri, the head of Al Ain traffic, said the vehicle was heading south in the middle lane when it suddenly veered to the right because of rain and hit a light pole. The driver died in hospital.

Published: August 31, 2011 04:00 AM