Biolustre Hair Reconstructor

Trying out the Biolustre Emergency Maintenance System rescue treatment at The Beauty Spot in Abu Dhabi.

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The Biolustre Emergency Maintenance System rescue treatment at The Beauty Spot in Abu Dhabi. Biolustre uses an exclusive polymer bonding process called Lustreloc Technology, that claims to penetrate and bind the hair shaft with a synthetic polymer that is chemically similar to hair. Recommended for patients whose hair has weakened due to chemotherapy, it claims to "bring hair back to a near virgin state in just one application". This is a fairly mighty assertion, especially since my long hair has been so damaged by sun exposure and colouring over the years that I was certain it was beyond redemption.

I have had so many different in-salon treatments over the years, desperately trying to undo the damage of colouring, but I have always steered clear of Biolustre because the unusual application process is somewhat intimidating. But the damage that the sun has done to my hair, leaving it brittle and broken, required something more than your average deep treat, so I decided to take the plunge. I was expecting a lot - I wanted my pre-UAE shine and strength back.

My hair was washed and rough dried ahead of the treatment. So far, so good. Next, the stylist applied the EMS repair treatment to my dry hair in small sections of around 2cm square. After 40 minutes of blow-drying, to activate the Biolustre, my hair was hard and crisp. I looked and felt as if my head had been dipped in a large bucket of PVA glue. Panic started to set in. Finally, the product was carefully rinsed off with warm water, and then my hair was washed and styled as usual. The entire process took around three hours but the results were fantastic. I always like how silky my locks feel when I walk out of the salon, but the true test is how it feels after the first wash at home, and the Biolustre treatment passed with flying colours. My hair was totally tangle-free, it dried without frizzing and the colours looked as if they had just been put on - glossy, rich and, best of all, in a near pristine state.

It doesn't matter how prepared you are for the Biolustre procedure, it is still scary when your hair is so crisp that it feels as if it could snap off. Nevertheless, this treatment is something that anyone who has spent a summer in the UAE sun should consider. It totally transformed my hair, making it heavier, glossier and shinier. I can't seem to stop flicking it. The treatment isn't cheap but it is worth every dirham. Biolustre Hair Reconstructor costs from Dh550-Dh950 depending on hair length and thickness. For an appointment, contact The Beauty Spot, Marina Royal Complex, Marina Village, Abu Dhabi Breakwater, 02 681 8817