Cultivating global citizens: Dibber spreads its wings in UAE’s early education space

Dibber has 600+ established schools in Scandinavia, the Baltics, Europe, Africa, and Asia

Dibber’s Nordic heritage is its most promising feature

A corporation with international preschools renowned for its playful, interactive, and holistic learning approaches and nurturing environments, Dibber is growing its roots even deeper in the United Arab Emirates.

Spanning a journey of over two decades, Dibber now has 600+ established schools in Scandinavia, the Baltics, Europe, Africa, and Asia. They have plans for nationwide expansion in the UAE and are seeking strategic investments and collaborations with those parties who believe in the mission of empowering young minds through joyful discovery.

Nurturing Young Minds at Dibber Preschools in the UAE

Formerly known as Creakids in the UAE, Dibber now has five centres in Dubai (Al Barsha South, Damac Hills Mudon, The Sustainability City, The Sustainable Pavilion, Jumeirah Golf Estates) and one in Abu Dhabi (Khalifa City A). The safe and state-of-the-art preschools here welcome children from 45 days to six years.

The UAE leads the way at implementing many of Dibber’s unique concepts. One such interesting concept is the Dibber Meal which fosters togetherness, cultivates dining etiquettes, and encourages local food sourcing. In the next couple of years, growth in the UAE and MENA+ regions will reach newer heights with Dibber working towards setting foot into the K-12 education space.

Commitment to Global Education

Dibber’s Nordic heritage is its most promising feature. It offers a globally applicable Norwegian curriculum, which can be easily tailored to various international settings.

Scandinavian education is known to be one of the best as it focuses on holistic development giving equal value to academia, physical development, and cultivation of essential life skills.

It is observed that children who follow the Nordic curriculum develop a sense of mastery and learn to be autonomous. It helps cultivate their curiosity, love for learning, and care for all living beings. Finding a balance in all things is considered paramount. And success is viewed in terms of happiness and overall satisfaction with the self and society—a tenet that is slowly gaining relevance world over.

At Dibber, the priority is “relations first,” which means building connections and valuing others is at the core of their ideologies. From the children at their schools to the employees in their global network, they are unified in the belief that everyone deserves to have the opportunity to recognize their intrinsic value and thrive.

Nahi Rahal, Regional Managing Director (MENA+), Dibber explains, “At Dibber, we empower children as active contributors to their educational journey, fostering a sense of mastery. Our dedicated teaching teams undergo continuous training to facilitate engaging hands-on learning experiences, promoting holistic development, and creating lasting memories. Our teaching approach and curriculum, transgressing the boundaries of six subject areas in a transdisciplinary manner, provide the flexibility and agility essential for our children to confidently navigate primary education across various curricula, extending beyond the constraints of the British, German, American, and IB systems.”

Developing Lifelong Learners with a Heart for the World

“We are driven by heart” is Dibber’s motto. ‘Hjertekultur’ (heart culture in Norwegian) is the driving force of its ethos. This fosters a sense of belongingness, which helps children grow into the best versions of themselves. At Dibber, they are not just passionate educators; they are professionals who work towards creating lifelong learners with a heart for the world, hoping to contribute towards building a generation of kind, empathetic, and bright global citizens. These are the principles that form the bedrock of their pedagogical excellence.

Dibber children assimilate this culture through everyday tasks at their preschools. One example is ‘Circle Time’—a structured activity designed to warmly welcome children to school. The intention is to get a flying start by promoting engagement & movement and building excitement for all the wonderful activities they will participate in during the day.

Investing in Brighter Futures

In recent years, Dibber’s commitment to providing quality early education comes with renewed ambition and they intend to expand their operations in existing regions. Supportive collaborators with shared values, creative vision, and a common goal would provide impetus in pursuit of this goal.

By creating new educational spaces, Dibber aims to seamlessly integrate its transformative educational philosophy tailored to the unique needs of each region. Nahi Rahal adds that, "Our initiatives go beyond physical structures; they embody our commitment to cultivating environments where young minds can truly flourish."

Sophia Lahlou, Global Head of Marketing, Dibber told The National that, “As the Nordic leader in early childhood learning, we are strategically positioned to capitalize on the immense potential and opportunities in the MENA+ region. The region's dynamic and rapidly growing market, coupled with a strong emphasis on education, technology, and innovation, aligns seamlessly with our mission. We recognize the significance of tailoring our global experiences to resonate with the rich cultural heritage of the MENA+ region. Dibber is committed to contributing to the educational landscape by offering cutting-edge solutions that address the unique needs and aspirations of young minds, educators, and parents alike. Beyond education, our learning approaches are designed to bring global awareness and infuse innovation, spark curiosity and unlock talents and potentials. We look forward to being a part of the MENA+ region's educational evolution and contributing to this dynamic market.”

Updated: February 12, 2024, 2:01 AM