Saudi Fransi for Leasing Finance adopts J-B as its new identity

J-B focuses on adding value to the brand with a futuristic digital vision

J-B offers world class services to customers and aims to enrich the quality of their lives through providing comprehensive financing solutions

Saudi Fransi for Leasing Finance, the leading provider of car leasing services and several other Shariah-compliant financing solutions for private individuals and businesses in the kingdom, has announced the launch of J-B, the brand’s new identity.

Conceived from the financial services knowledge, transparency and excellence in providing digital solutions. J-B focuses on adding value to the brand with a futuristic digital vision and leads the way to a sustainable and booming Saudi economy. As a main player in the Saudi market, J-B offers world-class services to customers and aims to enrich the quality of their lives through providing comprehensive financing solutions.

After the launch of J-B, Saudi Fransi for Leasing Finance announced that this step goes beyond just providing financing solutions for the automotive sector. It is centred on caring for the needs of people, understanding their motivations and helping them reach their aspirations. J-B offers a wide range of comprehensive and diversified financing solutions and is led by the industry’s brightest, young financial experts who are passionate to design and deliver innovative financial solutions to our customers.

“Our strategy seeks to capitalise on the enormous potential of the Saudi fintech industry and offer financing from a modern perspective," said Mohammed Al-Sheikh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of J-B, in a statement on this occasion.

"Through the digitalisation of customer journeys, we will streamline complicated and time-consuming procedures through simple, straightforward processes that improve societal financial prosperity. Offering quick and convenient financing options and forging strong relationships with our clients that open up new opportunities."

The chairman also commended the team of young Saudi cadres who contributed their experience to the success of J-B and to making their country proud. He emphasised that although there will be more opportunities and challenges in the future, we are confident in our ability to build an ambitious future that prioritizes progress, ease of use, and reliability as well as streamlining the financing process and emphasizing the importance of financial education and its direct contribution to people’s lives.

Mashhour Al-Masoudi, Managing Director and CEO of J-B, said that the company's three main values are: "simplicity," which involves facilitating finance and avoiding complexities; "reliability," which involves maintaining a clear vision in all operations; and "pride," signifying that J-B is the result of aspirational Saudi leaders and the team who believe in their nation's vision.

"We are keen that our new identity reflects a new strategy to excel in providing financial solutions for our customers who demand innovation aligned to meeting their ambitions," Mr Al-Masoudi said.

"This comes in line with the development and prosperity witnessed by various Saudi sectors, especially the financial one, which is led by the Saudi Central Bank in effectively contributing to achieving the financial sector’s development goals."

"Since the launch of Saudi Fransi for Leasing Finance more than a decade ago, we have been keeping pace with the technological development witnessed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by utilising the latest AI tools.

"We are keen to innovate leading digital solutions in the financial sector, and by launching J-B as a pre-eminent financial firm offering financial solutions with a cutting-edge digital vision, we aim to support the ever-growing Saudi economy and add value to the brand and our customers," Mr Al-Masoudi said.

Updated: December 03, 2023, 7:13 AM