Abu Dhabi Police send out safety warning to reckless bike riders

The force has launched a fresh awareness campaign in a bid to cut the number of road accidents in the emirate

Abu Dhabi Police are calling on motorbike riders to slow down and stick to traffic regulations to reduce numbers of road accidents. Courtesy: Abu Dhabi Police
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Abu Dhabi Police sent out a winter warning to bikers in the capital over the deadly dangers of reckless riding.

The force urged motorcycle riders not to exceed speed limits and ensure they always wear helmets when out on the road.

As part of its 'Our Winter is Safe and Fun', campaign, police highlighted the potentially lethal consequences of flouting traffic laws.

Parents were also told to play their part in educating young people about the crucial need to ride safely.

People have been also been asked to carry out regular safety checks to their bikes, including ensuring tyres and lights are in good working order, and have a first aid-kit with them at all times.

Eye-opening statistics released by Abu Dhabi Police last year revealed a large number of motorbike accidents involve younger riders.

Half of all motorbike accidents in Abu Dhabi between January 2016 and November 30 of 2018 involved riders aged between 18 and 30.

The force said that the main causes of bike accidents are speeding, sudden lane changes and swerving, jumping red lights, inexperience and entering a main road without checking it is clear.