A round-up of the week's best tweets

Paris Hilton, Jared Leto, Deepak Chopra, MC Hammer, Heidi Montag and more share their thoughts.

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MC Hammer is in love with his new iPhone; Paris Hilton is enjoying her Parisian trip and Jared Leto ponders why twins seem to cross his path so often. All this and much more in this week's collection of celebrity tweets.

  • "Man this updated user interface and the UE on the 4S is bananas !!!! I love it ! #Salute to the genius of #SteveJobs (RIP)". MC Hammer, October 15
  • "#CosmicConsciousness In every moment choice determines what the world delivers to us". Deepak Chopra, October 16
  • "I've known a lot of twins in my life...I don't know why". Jared Leto, October 17
  • "Just watched Green Lantern, so much better then I thought! #greatsurprise". Heidi Montag, October 17
  • "I told my 4 year old niece that even though her mummy was dead she was still watching her from heaven. Wrong? Yes because she hadn't died." Ricky Gervais, October 18
  • "The light of love flows out of our soul, but often it goes nowhere because it's blocked by fear". Paulo Coelho, October 18
  • "The architecture in Paris is absolutely stunning! Such a beautiful city! Love it here! :)" Paris Hilton, October 18
  • "second week of being RAW vegan, feels amazing. go on, try and not eat pasta and pizza for a week...and all the rest!" Bryan Adams, October 18

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