UAE weather: Humid and hazy conditions expected

Temperatures will again climb above 40°C

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, March 24, , 2019.  -- Sudden downpour at the Al Mushrif area Abu Dhabi. --  Gloomy and dusty weather.
Victor Besa/The National

The UAE will be hot and hazy on Monday as sweltering summer conditions continue to be felt across the region.

Forecasters from the National Centre of Meteorology say it will feel humid on Monday night and Tuesday morning.

Temperatures are expected to reach 46°C in Abu Dhabi and 43°C in Dubai.

Winds will be light to moderate, causing dust to be blown during the daytime. The sea will be slight in the Arabian Gulf and in Oman Sea.

Tuesday could become slightly cooler with low clouds expected to appear over eastern coastal areas.

Updated: August 2nd 2021, 12:17 AM