Dubai Airports partners with Uber to make transport easier for arriving passengers

A new Uber staging area at Dubai International has space for more than 125 vehicles

Uber is strengthening its presence at airports around the world, including, most recently, DXB. Reuters
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Dubai Airports has teamed up with Uber to improve the commuting experience for people arriving in the city.

Already in operation, a new Uber staging area at Dubai International allows more than 125 vehicles to congregate at the airport, guaranteeing a short wait time for passengers booking a car on arrival.

As part of the collaboration, Uber and Dubai Airports will be increasing the capacity of pick-up zones across all terminals and enhancing in-terminal signage and directions.

The move comes as Dubai prepares for an influx of travellers. Recent government data revealed that tourist arrivals have bounced back to near pre-pandemic levels, with Dubai welcoming more than 10 million visitors from January to September 2022, compared with 12 million in the same period of 2019.

“As operator of the world's busiest international airport and gateway to one of the world’s most vibrant cities and destinations, we are at the forefront of convergent consumer needs and traveller expectations,” says Eugene Barry, executive vice president of commercial at Dubai Airports. “Dubai Airports’ partnership with Uber is designed to enhance the degree of service and convenience for our guests, while complementing our existing range of ground transport options to and from DXB.”

In November, the number of Uber trips to and from the UAE’s airports increased by 61 per cent. In the same month, riders from 91 countries used the app while visiting the UAE, with The Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates and Nakheel Mall emerging as the leisure destinations most-visited by Uber users.

To capitalise on this growth, Uber has launched a new travel feature called smart itineraries. Users can link their Uber profiles to their Google accounts by clicking on a dedicated “travel” feature within the app. This displays any coming travel plans and allows people to reserve an Uber to and from specific locations based on hotel and flight bookings, making their travel experience more seamless. Uber is set to further expand its travel suite in the region, with new features to be revealed soon.

“Our mission at Uber is to help people move around their cities more seamlessly,” says Pia El Hachem, general manager, Uber UAE and Levant.

“This partnership with Dubai Airports and the launch of Uber Travel will streamline the travelling experience for tourists and residents alike by making stress-free and reliable transportation more accessible and easier to use. We will continue to expand our services to accommodate increasing travel needs, through the power of our technology.”

Updated: January 03, 2023, 2:25 PM