World’s first floating pod homes launched in Panama starting at $295,000

The luxury smart homes receive deliveries by drone and come with underwater marine detection cameras

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Panama will be home to the world's first community of floating SeaPods, with the inaugural pod now in the water at Linton Bay Marina in Colon.

Ocean Builders, a company specialising in innovative marine technology, has officially launched what it says are the first floating eco-restorative pod homes in the world.

Perched three metres above sea level on the Caribbean coast of Panama, the futuristic units are designed to accommodate two people and are on sale now, with prices ranging from $295,000 to $1.5 million.

By December, the first overnight guests will be able to bed down in the pods, and 100 fully-owned units will be ready for full-time residents by summer next year.

A second batch of more than 1,000 of the pods will go into production next year.

Designed by Dutch architect Koen Olthuis, the futuristic SeaPods are geared toward climate-conscious travellers who want to live on the water, but don’t want to give up the luxuries of modern living.

Floating pod homes launched in Panama

Floating pod homes launched in Panama

Futuristic living on the water from $295,000

With minimalist decor, curved walls and an ultra-sleek design, the SeaPod flagship model looks like something from The Jetsons. It is spread over 77 square metres of space that's split across three levels.

There's a master bedroom with epic views, a living room and kitchen, a bathroom and an outdoor patio. Wraparound panoramic windows give residents 360-degree unobstructed ocean views.

Wooden teak flooring, colour-changing lights and wireless charging stations are available in each SeaPod, which also comes with automated black-out blinds and sliding panel windows.

Entirely customisable, there's the option to add climbing walls, greenhouses, skylights, hot tubs and patio gardens.

Cutting-edge technology is at the heart of Panama's newest waterfront destination, with each pod using software to control lighting, internal air temperature, water pressure and more.

Guests wear a smart ring that can be used to control technology settings, as well as being used to unlock doors, open windows and turn on music and mood lighting. Wireless charging stations are built into several of the pod's surfaces so that chargers and wires for phones become a thing of the past.

Daily drone delivery and new marine habitats

Daily essentials such as groceries and medicine are flown in by drones that have been designed to easily withstand open ocean conditions. Self-driving boats remove rubbish, compost and recycling and, when they're not on duty, work to clean up the surrounding ocean waters by expelling trash to help mitigate human impact on the ocean even beyond the community.

Sustainability is a key focus for Ocean Builders and pods are designed to be respectful of their surrounding environment.

The pods have been designed to become marine habitats for fish and other creatures, and artificial intelligence cameras will monitor what goes on beneath the waves. Marine detection technology is available to alert pod residents when dolphins, whales or their other favourite sea creatures are nearby.

Ocean Builders officially launched three models on Monday. They include the original SeaPod, the GreenPod for land living and the EcoPod, a more affordable option of each version.

The single-level SeaPod Eco is slightly smaller than the flagship version and laid out on a single floor, but includes the same principles, technology options and customisable design features.

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Updated: October 08, 2022, 11:43 AM