Emirates ranks among world's top 10 airlines

Survey rates 50 carriers based on punctuality, cancellation rates, customer satisfaction and baggage allowance

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Emirates has been ranked as one of the top 10 airlines in the world in a survey.

Luggage storage provider Bounce ranked 62 of the world’s biggest airlines, based on their record of arriving on time, cancellation rates, customer ratings and luggage allowance rules. This was converted into a list of the 50 best airlines.

Emirates came in at number nine, with an overall score of 5.28 out of 10. Notably, it had one of the best ratings in the world for on-time arrivals, with 88.66 per cent of flights arriving on time last year. Meanwhile, its cancellation record was very low, at 0.14 per cent. The UAE airline also scored well in the in-flight entertainment category, with a rating of four out of five.

Singapore Airlines topped the list, with a total score of 7.69 out of 10. This was boosted by one of the lowest cancellation rates over the course of 2021 at 0.19 per cent and a solid on-time arrival rate of 86.04 per cent.

Singapore Airlines was also one of only five airlines on the list to record a score of four out of five, or more, across the categories of meals, in-flight entertainment, seat comfort and staff service. A free checked baggage allowance of up to 30 kilograms on both domestic and international flights also held the airline in good stead.

Japan’s Al Nippon Airlines and Korean Air ranked second and third. India's Vistara, Hainan Airlines from China, Finland's Finnair, Ethiopian Airlines, Greece's Aegean Airlines and Thai AirAsia also secured places in the top 10. Aegean Airlines and Thai AirAsia placed jointly in 10th place.

Indonesia’s Lion Air ranked as the worst airline on the list, with a 42.27 per cent on-time arrival rate and a 34.43 per cent cancellation rate.

On-time arrival and cancellation percentages were recorded from OAG.com, while meals, in-flight entertainment, seat comfort and staff service ratings were taken from Skytrax.com.

The 2022 Airline Index top ten:

1. Singapore Airlines

2. Al Nippon Airlines

3. Korean Air

4. Qatar Airways

5. Vistara, India

6. Hainan Airlines, China

7. Finnair, Finland

8. Ethiopian Airlines

9. Emirates

10. Aegean Airlines, Greece

10. Thai AirAsia

Updated: November 04, 2022, 9:11 AM