Record-breaking swimming pools around the world, from the longest to deepest

Take a dip in the highest, longest, deepest and largest pools

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Saudi Arabia is to be home to the world’s longest-suspended skypool.

Set to open at Treyam, a luxury resort in Neom, the swimming pool will span a lagoon on the Gulf of Aqaba, connecting the north and south shorelines of the resort.

Lined by palm trees and sandy shorelines, the swimming pool will hover 36 metres above sea level and 450 metres in length, making it the world’s longest sky pool and 330 metres longer than the current record holder at Dubai's One&Only One Za'abeel.

When it opens, the pool at Neom's Treyam will join a handful of other record-breaking swimming pools around the world, including serveral in Dubai, from the largest landlocked pool to the highest 360-degree infinity pool on the planet.

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The world’s deepest pool: Deep Dive Dubai

Dubai opens the deepest dive pool in the world

Diving in the worlds deepest fresh water diving pool. The Deep Dive Dubai pool, at 60m at it's deepest, offers diver a unique experience on the 8th of July 2021

Deep Dive Dubai launched in 2021 and has a depth of 60 metres, almost the same height as the towers of London Bridge. It’s designed as sunken city and a diving pool, and geared towards free-diving and scuba divers, but snorkellers are also welcome. With 14 million litres of freshwater, the equivalent of six Olympic-sized swimming pools, it has sunken motorbikes, arcade machines, pool tables and cars.

The longest suspended infinity pool in the world: One Za'abeel, Dubai

The One & Only One Za’abeel hotel set a new record for Dubai's skyline when it scooped the Guinness World Record title for the Longest Cantilevered Building in the world, and it's also home to a record-breaking pool. Set on top of The Link - the cantilever suspended between the resort's two towers, the sparkling pool hovers around 100 metres above the city and over a busy six-lane highway. Part of Tapasake, a glam urban beach club, it's currently the world's longest infinity pool and stretches 120 metres end to end.

The world's highest 360° infinity pool: Aura Skypool, Dubai

Epic views are guaranteed at Aura Skypool Dubai, the world’s highest 360° infinity pool. Located on the 50th floor of The Palm Tower on Dubai’s man-made Palm Jumeirah, this sparkling swimming pool has views from every plane, with vistas of the city skyline and the Arabian Gulf and sunsets to envy the best in the world.

The largest man-made lagoon: Boulevard World, Riyadh

Size matters in Saudi Arabia where the world's largest man-made lagoon has been constructed. Stretching across 12.19 hectares, the vast pool of water is at Boulevard World in Riyadh, the kingdom's bustling capital. The permanent structure opened in November 2022 and was constructed by Sela, a company that specialises in experiences, events and destinations. The sprawling lagoon is part of Riyadh's Boulevard Word, a multi-zone theme park that is also home to the world's largest spherical theatre.

The world’s highest outdoor infinity pool in a building: Address Beach Resort, Dubai

Another title-holder in Dubai is the Address Beach Resort. The waterfront hotel entered the Guinness World Record book in 2021 when it opened the world’s highest outdoor infinity pool in a building. Located on level 77 of the hotel at a height of 93.90 metres above sea level, the infinity pool only allows access to hotel guests over the age of 21.

The most swimming pools in a resort: Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson, Malaysia

When Atlantis, The Royal opened in Dubai, it boasted of its 90 swimming pools – an impressive number no doubt. But that achievement is dwarfed in comparison with the number of pools at the Lexis Hibiscus Post Dickson Hotel in Malaysia, which holds the world title of having the most swimming pools in a resort. The luxury getaway is an all villa escape with overwater accommodation and no less than 643 swimming pools.

The largest swimming pool landlocked by area: Fleishhacker Pool, San Francisco

While it’s been out of action for more than 50 years, the Fleishhacker Pool on Sloat Boulevard, near Great Highway in San Francisco still holds the record for the world’s largest swimming pool landlocked by area. Measuring 304.8 metres in length by 45.7 metres wide, the pool opened in 1925 and is 4.26 metres deep, meaning it could hold 6,000,000 US gallons of seawater. At its capacity, it could also accommodate 10,000 swimmers, but has been abandoned since 1971.

Highest outdoor overflow pool in a building: SLS Dubai

SLS Dubai Hotel is officially home to the world's highest outdoor overflow pool in a building, according to Guinness World Records. Located on the 75th floor of the building, the hotel boasts not one, but two outdoor overflow pools at a height of 325 meters, just higher than the tip of the Burj Al Arab hotel a little further down the road. The title was confirmed by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat in March 2022, a month before the luxury hotel opened to the public.

World’s largest wave pool: Siam Park City, Bangkok

Thailand’s bustling capital holds the title for the world’s largest wave pool according to the World Waterpark Association. Located at Siam Park City, a sprawling water park and amusement park on the outskirts of Bangkok. The wave pool itself is massive, covering an area of 13,600 square metres. It has held the title of being the world's largest wave pool since 2009.

The world's first 'floating' swimming pool: London Sky Pool

While it’s not an official world record, the Sky Pool in London is the world’s first "floating" swimming pool. Dangling between two high-rise buildings in the swanky Embassy Gardens residential development in Nine Elms near Battersea Power Station, the crystal-clear, 25 metre-long pool seems to hover in the air about 35 metres above street level. Unfortunately for Londoners hoping to nab a dip, it's only for residents and their guests.

Updated: March 27, 2024, 9:56 AM