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Ahmed Maher

Senior Correspondent

Abu Dhabi

Ahmed Maher is a senior foreign correspondent for The National News. Based in Abu Dhabi, he travels around the region on breaking news assignments and on longer-form, in-depth features and investigations. He particularly has a passion for the intersection between politics and business and how they both shape the lives of ordinary people. He was at the BBC for 12 years and based in London, where he used to be a Middle East bilingual correspondent, Iraq correspondent and multi-platform reporter. A fluent English and Arabic speaker, his bilingual reporting stints in more than 20 countries are miscellaneous: the fight against ISIS on the Iraqi defence- and frontlines, the painkillers addiction, economics and religion, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, South Sudan’s war and famine and the potential fallout of Sudan’s unrest. He was the first British network reporter to get access to an ISIS tunnel after its defeat in Mosul and an adventure once took him inside the Mosul dam's labyrinth of tunnels to see the urgent problems first-hand. He has also had many exclusive interviews with key figures.