The case of camels killed by plastic bags

It is a shame that with all the awareness about the pollution of plastics, people still throw plastic bags out as waste.

Carlos Tevez, the lead striker for Manchester City, is still respected by fans of his former club West Ham United because he has always been respectful of them.
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In reference to Camel clump display aims to curb use of plastic bags (December 10), I totally support both the artist Ann Savageau's and Dr Ulrich Wernery's message of spurning plastic bags in favour of reusable ones. It is a shame that with all the awareness about the pollution of plastics, people still throw the bags out as waste.

One hand never claps and we ought to cooperate to save our environment and the creatures living in it.

As a UAE citizen, I'd like to extend my thanks for their efforts.

Nujood AA, Abu Dhabi

China defies the Nobel Peace Prize

While 2010 is coming to an end in just a few weeks time, one of the most disappointing notes to carry forward into history would be China's refusal to release Liu Xiaobo, who has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo (In absentia, symbolic act for Nobel winner, December 11).

In spite of the world calling on China to release Mr Liu and his wife, Liu Xia, who is under house arrest, the authorities' approach came as an embarrassment to humanity.

It shows the categorical denial of the very basics of individual freedom by an advanced country. The government felt the need to show how seriously it deals with "subversive attitudes".

The case resembles that of Carl Von Ossietzky of Germany, an imprisoned pacifist and Nazi opponent, who had been earlier denied the right to have a representative collect the Nobel Peace Prize on his behalf in 1935.

By ignoring the world's plea to release Mr Liu to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, China's response could be termed as globally offensive and goes against the fundamentals of human rights.

Ramachandran Nair, Oman

Uncertainty about gold reserves

In reference to the article GCC urged to boost gold reserves (December 9), it's one thing to build one's gold reserves; it's quite another thing to find out how those reserves will determine one's currency value.

The euro's gold reserves are free-floating gold reserves which are openly marked to market.

Contrast this to the Federal Reserve, the US central bank, which marks its gold reserves to the model of $42 per ounce (originally $35).

But there is no rule about this. It has not yet been discovered how free-floating gold reserves can determine the value of a currency.

Ivo Cerckil, Abu Dhabi

Faults in concert organisation

In contrast to the impression created by the article Creamfields fans arrive early and dance through the night (December 11), I thought Creamfields was a shambles.

Having seen the lineup, I went to watch Gareth Emery and stayed in the area to watch Above and Beyond. Then I went outside to find that the whole stage lineup had been changed and I had missed Above and Beyond. The whole venue lineup was taped over and a new one written in.

I have never seen so many underage kids at a concert, too. I even spoke to a teacher who had seen some of his 14-year-old pupils there.

As for David Guetta, did he ever show at 3.30am from the time change of 1.30am?

This was really disappointing organisation.

Judith Welling, Abu Dhabi

The EU ignores tourism potential

In the midst of this economic crisis, you would think that one way for European countries to generate revenue would be through tourism. Europe has an abundance of beautiful cities, architecture and natural attractions.

However, try applying for a Schengen visa, and even if you have reasonable income and have visited Europe several times before, you're unlikely to get anything more than a six-month multiple entry visa.

The UK and US are much more generous and give up to five and 10-year tourist visas respectively.  Why are the Schengen states so stingy with their visas?

Mestin A, Dubai

Reasons behind a West Ham hero

The sports article Prodigal son or poisoned chalice? (December 11) reported that West Ham fans were disappointed that their former hero Carlos Tevez could not play against them yesterday for Manchester City.

This may have something to do with the fact that while his predecessor on the field, Frank Lampard, has done nothing but deride the club and supporters that gave him his break in professional football, Tevez has never shown anything other than love and respect to West Ham and its fans. Some things cannot be measured in money.

Alan Gagg, Abu Dhabi