Edin Dzeko shown during World Cup qualifying with Bosnia in a match against Liechtenstein on October 11, 2013. Amel Emric / AP
Edin Dzeko shown during World Cup qualifying with Bosnia in a match against Liechtenstein on October 11, 2013. Amel Emric / AP

Rags-to-riches Edin Dzeko brings Bosnia to 2014 World Cup

Edin Dzeko heads into the World Cup fresh from finally establishing himself at Manchester City, where he played a key role in securing the Premier League title.

The 28-year-old Bosnian had an explosive start to a season of two distinct halves in which he scored 16 goals.

He scored four against Tottenham Hotspur and two against arch-rivals Manchester United at the start of the campaign, suffered a dramatic dip in form and then made a spectacular comeback, hitting five goals in the crucial three-game run in to the title.

The 1.93-metre (6ft 4ins) tall striker has become a huge favourite wherever he has played in his rags to riches story.

As a child, Dzeko endured the siege of Sarajevo and spent three war-stricken years living in a one-bedroom apartment with a dozen relatives.

Having started with FK Zeljeznicar Sarajevo, Dzeko became a goalscorer with Czech side Teplice and was spotted by German side Wolfsburg, who made him a European star.

Dzeko’s goals took Wolfsburg to fifth place in the table in his first season and in the following campaign his 26 goals in 29 games, alongside the equally-prolific Grafite, now playing in the UAE with the Arabian Gulf League club Al Ahli, brought a stunning German title and the Bundesliga Players’ Player of the Year award.

City’s cash won over Dzeko in January 2011 – he was signed for $45 million (Dh165.2m) – and at first he thought England would be a perfect theatre for his physical style and dominating presence. But the goals did not come and doubts crept in.

“I have to admit it was very tough for me in the opening few months in Manchester because everything was so different and I wondered if I could ever adapt to what was expected of me,” he said in one interview later.

“Every game in England is a real battle, the pace of the game is tough to get used to, and my confidence was not there at the start. I also had to understand how the referees worked in this country, as they allowed much more physical contact than I was used to in Germany,” he said.

“You feel the need to prove yourself in a team full of so many stars and the attention is all on Manchester City right now. We are the team that everyone talks about for spending so much money and you don’t want to be the guy who falls short in this story.”

The goals came and Dzeko has been an integral part of the City team that won English titles in 2011/12 and again this year.

He has had to come through long spells sitting on the bench for his club, but he has stuck it out and it won’t be the same playing for Bosnia in Group F at the World Cup against Argentina, Iran and Nigeria.

Bosnia and Herzegovina are playing in their first World Cup finals and the nation has sky-high hopes.

Dzeko cried with joy after Bosnia beat Lithuania in October to seal first place in their qualifying group.

“To be there the first time in Brazil would be amazing for the players, for the people, for the whole country,” he said after the game.

Off the pitch, Dzeko, a Muslim, has not forgotten his experiences in wartime Bosnia. He is an ambassador for the UN Children’s Fund and talks in schools in his homeland seeking to overcome lingering divisions between the country’s ethnic groups.

“Many of the schools are divided. It’s like two schools in one, with the Bosnians on one side and the Croats on the other.

“I go there to try to persuade them to come together and mix, because the war led to mistrust and hate, so things are difficult.”

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Company Profile

Company name: Namara
Started: June 2022
Founder: Mohammed Alnamara
Based: Dubai
Sector: Microfinance
Current number of staff: 16
Investment stage: Series A
Investors: Family offices

Points about the fast fashion industry Celine Hajjar wants everyone to know
  • Fast fashion is responsible for up to 10 per cent of global carbon emissions
  • Fast fashion is responsible for 24 per cent of the world's insecticides
  • Synthetic fibres that make up the average garment can take hundreds of years to biodegrade
  • Fast fashion labour workers make 80 per cent less than the required salary to live
  • 27 million fast fashion workers worldwide suffer from work-related illnesses and diseases
  • Hundreds of thousands of fast fashion labourers work without rights or protection and 80 per cent of them are women
How to come clean about financial infidelity
  • Be honest and transparent: It is always better to own up than be found out. Tell your partner everything they want to know. Show remorse. Inform them of the extent of the situation so they know what they are dealing with.
  • Work on yourself: Be honest with yourself and your partner and figure out why you did it. Don’t be ashamed to ask for professional help. 
  • Give it time: Like any breach of trust, it requires time to rebuild. So be consistent, communicate often and be patient with your partner and yourself.
  • Discuss your financial situation regularly: Ensure your spouse is involved in financial matters and decisions. Your ability to consistently follow through with what you say you are going to do when it comes to money can make all the difference in your partner’s willingness to trust you again.
  • Work on a plan to resolve the problem together: If there is a lot of debt, for example, create a budget and financial plan together and ensure your partner is fully informed, involved and supported. 

Carol Glynn, founder of Conscious Finance Coaching

Our legal consultant

Name: Hassan Mohsen Elhais

Position: legal consultant with Al Rowaad Advocates and Legal Consultants.



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Turkish Ladies

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Based: Riyadh

Offices: UAE, Vietnam and Germany

Founded: September, 2020

Number of employees: 70

Sector: FinTech, online payment solutions

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Living in...

This article is part of a guide on where to live in the UAE. Our reporters will profile some of the country’s most desirable districts, provide an estimate of rental prices and introduce you to some of the residents who call each area home. 

How will Gen Alpha invest?

Mark Chahwan, co-founder and chief executive of robo-advisory firm Sarwa, forecasts that Generation Alpha (born between 2010 and 2024) will start investing in their teenage years and therefore benefit from compound interest.

“Technology and education should be the main drivers to make this happen, whether it’s investing in a few clicks or their schools/parents stepping up their personal finance education skills,” he adds.

Mr Chahwan says younger generations have a higher capacity to take on risk, but for some their appetite can be more cautious because they are investing for the first time. “Schools still do not teach personal finance and stock market investing, so a lot of the learning journey can feel daunting and intimidating,” he says.

He advises millennials to not always start with an aggressive portfolio even if they can afford to take risks. “We always advise to work your way up to your risk capacity, that way you experience volatility and get used to it. Given the higher risk capacity for the younger generations, stocks are a favourite,” says Mr Chahwan.

Highlighting the role technology has played in encouraging millennials and Gen Z to invest, he says: “They were often excluded, but with lower account minimums ... a customer with $1,000 [Dh3,672] in their account has their money working for them just as hard as the portfolio of a high get-worth individual.”

Bridgerton season three - part one

Directors: Various

Starring: Nicola Coughlan, Luke Newton, Jonathan Bailey

Rating: 3/5


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