Piers Morgan excels in the art of debating in sport

Love him or loathe him, the chat show host and Arsenal fan, can joust with the best of them when his loyalty toward the Gunners comes under question, as the "Benchwarming" Manchester United striker Michael Owen found out. 1980-aug25blog.jpg

Piers Morgan, left, is your typical Arsenal fan, who managed to get the better over Michael Owen on Twitter © Richard Drew / AP Photo and Michael Regan / Getty Images

It appears the Republican politican Christine O'Donnell did the right thing last week and aborted any kind of confrontation with chat show host Piers Morgan if his recent Twitter exchange with Michael Owen is anything to go by.

While Ms O'Donnell high-tailing it off his show when his grilling got too much for the Tea Party favourite is better suited for a Showbiz blog, Mr Morgan's bickering with the Manchester United forward during Arsenal's vital Champions League victory over Udinese last night certainly warrant some airplay on here.

It also highlights the art of debate surrounding rival sport teams, particularly football.

The former editor of the Daily Mirror is your archetypal Gunners fan with a myopic outlook on the tribulations at the Emirates Stadium.

Combine that with his "pull-no-punches" style and his Twitter account becomes a battle ground when the subject of football is the order of the day.

Morgan takes a particular shine to three of Man Utd's most prolific Tweeters, Rio Ferdinand (refered by Morgan as Sicknote), Wayne Rooney (Shrek) and Owen (Benchwarmer). The rivalry has been intense, comical and just typical of regular supporters all over the world attempting one-upmanship. It's delicious. Indeed the verbal spat with Owen was more entertaining than the football.

It was the efforts of Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny to keep the Gunners ahead that started the exchange, which put Owen on the front foot.

But it seems if you take on Morgan at a debate these days, you need to leave him no room to pounce back.

@piersmorgan: Brilliant save @13Szczesny13 - like I said, improving with every game. #Arsenal #Goonerpower

@themichaelowen: @piersmorgan What about the other things you said about him? Slaughter him for months and then start praising him. Two faced and clueless.

@piersmorgan: Get in there Theo Walcott - what a performance #Arsenal ! And you take a bow, too, Arsene Wenger. Great tactics tonight.

@themichaelowen: @piersmorgan how have you got the front to write this? Do you not remember what you tweeted during Sundays match against Liverpool?

@piersmorgan: @themichaelowen Oh shut up, Benchwarmer. We were c**p then, we're brilliant tonight. Fans are entitled to voice their opinion.

@themichaelowen: @piersmorgan fans support through thick and thin. They shouldn't slaughter players one minute then drool over them 4 days later. #sickening

@piersmorgan: @themichaelowen I don't think I'll take 'stuck through thick and thin' lectures from the Premiership's biggest mercenary, Benchwarmer.

The US-based chat show host initially then made a spelling error in the following Tweet, something he often pulls up Rooney, Ferdinand and countless others over.

@piersmorgan: @themichaelowen I've supported the same team for 42 years. You've tarted yourself around to anyone who'll give you a fancier bench.

@themichaelowen: I've, not I'll "@piersmorgan I'll supported the same team for 42 years. You've tarted yourself around to anyone who'll give you a fancier...

@themichaelowen: @piersmorgan well corrected 4 chins.

@piersmorgan: @themichaelowen As with everything you do these days, Benchwarmer, just too slow there...

At this point, Owen is still winning, but he makes a clumsy error to push Morgan to victory.

@themichaelowen: @piersmorgan I'm looking forward to reading your tweets on Sunday when your boys visit Old Trafford. #twofacedsupporter

@piersmmorgan: @themichaelowen Bring it on, Benchwarmer. We've found our spirit again. #loyaltydevoidmercenary

@piersmorgan: @themichaelowen Oh, and good news, Benchwarmer, you'll be able to read my tweets on Sunday. Players can use phones sitting in the stands.

Biting and brilliant and Sunday should hopefully be a amusing sequel.

Published: August 25, 2011 04:00 AM


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