Pakistan spot-fixing captain Salman Butt to appeal prison sentence

His lawyer confirms that he will appeal his 30-month sentence after being found guilty in the spot-fixing trial in London last week.

ISLAMABAD // Salman Butt, the former Pakistan captain, has filed an appeal against his 30-month prison sentence for spot-fixing.

Yasin Patel, his lawyer, confirmed to the Associated Press in an email today that an appeal was filed against the sentence handed down in a London court last week.

"Yes," replied Patel to AP's query whether Butt filed the appeal.

Mohammad Asif, the bowler, was also sent to prison for one year and Mohammad Amir, the teenage fast bowler, for six months for bowling no-balls at prearranged times during the Lord's Test against England last year to fix betting markets.

Mazhar Majeed, the agent orchestrating the fix, who was secretly filmed by a reporter of the News of the World accepting £150,000 (Dh886,222), got the stiffest punishment when he was sent to jail for two years and eight months.

In February, the International Cricket Council (ICC) banned the players for five years each for rigging the match at Lord's.

Families of the disgraced cricketers have rejected the sentences, but there's little sympathy for them in Pakistan.

While Butt and Asif seem to have virtually no chance to revive their cricketing careers, Amir, who will be 24 in five years, could make a comeback after completing his sentencing and the ICC suspension.

Published: November 9, 2011 04:00 AM