WWE WrestleMania 35: Alexa Bliss on following in The Rock's footsteps with host role

The five-time women's champion has a busy Sunday ahead despite not competing in a match

ABU DHABI , UNITED ARAB EMIRATES , DEC 07  – 2017 :-  Alexa Bliss , WWE professional wrestler during the interview at The National newspaper office in Abu Dhabi. (Pawan Singh / The National) Story by Graham Caygill
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Five-time WWE women's champion Alexa Bliss is switching roles for this year's WrestleMania.

The 27 year old will be not competing in any matches on Sunday's card at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

Instead she will be the official host of WrestleMania 35, with her role set to include a number of segments out in front of the large crowd, which is expected to be around 80,000.

Bliss talked to The National and other media outlets on Friday about her expectations for the role, her return to in-ring action and thoughts on the first women's WrestleMania main event happening this year between Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair.

On being the host of WrestleMania

"I was very excited. Very nervous because I've never hosted anything this grand. I've hosted Moment of Bliss, which every time, ends up in a shambles and people are fighting.

"I'm hoping that WrestleMania goes smoother than that. I'm excited. We've had amazing people host WrestleMania. The New Day. The Rock. I've big shoes to fill but I'm hoping I can fill them."

On what is more likely to make her nervous - hosting WrestleMania or being in a match?

"I'd have to say hosting, because when you're in the ring and you're having a match at WrestleMania, the crowd is huge. But when you get in the ring, it's the same size.

"That's your comfort zone. It doesn't matter how big the stadium is, the ring is always the same size. So when you get in the ring, and I've had two WrestleMania matches before, so when you get in the ring, it's like a comfort zone.

"I've never hosted and had to speak in front of 80 to 100,000 people. So that's gonna be probably my biggest challenge is being able to compose myself while speaking to that many people, because in a match, you can say anything and they don't hear you."

On women main eventing WrestleMania for the first time

"I'm very happy for these women to have this opportunity, and it's a celebration for all of us.

"We have three amazing athletes in the ring that are gonna be performing at their best for the main event at WrestleMania and I'm just really excited to see it happen."

On her health and fitness after being out of regular action since last summer

"So I've been wrestling in the house shows for the last month and a half. I've been cleared since before the Royal Rumble.

Right now I'm just focusing on hosting Moment of Bliss to prepare for host for WrestleMania. It's not that I've been injured or anything like that, it's just the role that I'm portraying right now."

Looking back on her historic match with Sasha Banks in Abu Dhabi in December 2017

"The match in Abu Dhabi was a lot of fun, we didn't know how we were gonna be perceived or taken and it was actually great.

"It was so much fun and it was a very amazing moment in the women's evolution because it showed that it's not just a domestic movement, it's an international movement, worldwide movement."