Usain Bolt's amazing race, the slowest swimmer in Olympic history and football's biggest win: Incredible records which will never be broken

Some of the most amazing feats which stunned the sporting world

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Records are meant to be broken. Or so they say.

Some achievements are so incredible, they are unlikely to be challenged. A few are admittedly ludicrous, which means players and teams might not be able to 'better' it even if they tried. But others are a testament to human endeavour.

We know who are the top goalscorers in football, highest run getters in cricket, most successful tennis players, greatest swimmers ... and so on.

But do you know who is the slowest swimmer in Olympics history? Or what is the biggest margin of victory in a football match?

We have put together those and other equally amazing sporting records in the picture gallery above. To view the gallery, click on the arrows or simply swipe.