UFC 229: Dana White 'disgusted' over brawl as three arrested after Khabib Nurmagomedov beats Conor McGregor

Fighting in and outside the octagon after the Russian had gained a submission win in Las Vegas

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Chaos erupted after Khabib Nurmagomedov retained his UFC lightweight title with a submission victory over Ireland's Conor McGregor on Saturday with members of his support team arrested after an all-in brawl broke out after the bout.

The Russian ended McGregor's attempt to win back the title when he sealed a brutal submission victory with a rear naked choke hold in the fourth round, which then sparked a mass brawl.

Fights broke out in and around the cage, with a red-shirted fan landing several blows on McGregor before security intervened. Both fighters were escorted from the arena by police and security.

UFC boss Dana White later told Fox Sports that three members of Nurmagomedov's team were arrested.

He said: "Khabib jumped over the cage going after Conor's guy who was talking trash to him and all hell broke loose. I don't know what to say right now, I'm disgusted and I'm just sick over it."


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Of the ramifications to the situation, he added:  "Three of Khabib's guys have been arrested and are on the way to jail now.

"I know if we put the belt on him (Khabib) in the octagon they'll be things thrown. I just said let's just try and get him out of here.

"Both men made it clear that the rivalry would not be over after the fight, but I definitely didn't see Khabib jumping over the fence after the fight."

Of the aftermath, he said: "What happens here is three guys have been arrested, there's going to be charges against them for sure. Those three guys, are they even going to get a visa to come back here? There's a lot of things that they haven't realised yet."

The fight had been highlighted by bad blood between both camps, with McGregor pleading guilty in July as part of a deal with prosecutors to resolve charges over an April melee in which he attacked a bus the Russian was travelling on.

The situation boiled over after referee Herb Dean waved off the fight, which prompted Nurmagomedov to jump out of the cage and head straight for McGregor's teammate and corner-man Dillon Danis, prompting a series of violent scuffles.

One man jumped the fence, swinging blows at McGregor before being bundled away by security and there were punches thrown in the crowd as police and security struggled to deal with the angry crowd, most of whom had been backing the Irishman.

White entered the octagon to try to placate Nurmagomedov, who was not presented with the belt, although he was announced as the winner.

The Russian's fans chanted his name and danced in the street outside the T-Mobile Arena, but rather than the fight bringing to the end the feud, it only poured more fuel on the fire.