Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks and Brock Lesnar to become world champions again: WWE predictions

A look ahead at what is to come on WWE's main rosters over the next few months and what to watch for

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Business is picking up in WWE and we are heading to the end of 2019 with a lot of entertainment still to come.

Here are some talking points to watch for.

Sasha Banks to win the Raw Women's title

There has been lots of rumour and innuendo around why Banks was away from WWE programming from WrestleMania 35 until the Raw following SummerSlam.

The important thing is she is back and more importantly is a heel. You have to go back to the end of 2015 for the last time The Boss was on the dark side and even then it was nothing compared to her excellent run on NXT.

Banks is now set up to be the dominant heel on Raw for the rest of 2019 as she feuds with Becky Lynch.

Lynch's championship run, since beating Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania, has been lukewarm. That is little to do with her, but more the way she has been booked and who she has faced since April 7.

A rookie (Lacey Evans) and a veteran (Natalya) is not what she has needed to get herself over as a dominant champion.

Banks is the opponent she has been missing.

Banks needs to win the belt off Lynch at Clash of Champions on September 15.

Lynch, chasing the title, can reheat her character and change the perspective of her role.

Banks needs a championship run, she hasn't carried a world championship for three years, and if her The Boss character is to really take off she needs the belt around her waist to back up her swagger.

They have great history from NXT which they can reference in their promos.

But for this to be a gripping rivalry the villain must get the early upper hand and so Banks must take the gold at Clash of Champions.

Brock Lesnar to target Kofi Kingston

What now for Lesnar? He has not been seen since he lost his WWE Universal championship to Seth Rollins at SummerSlam.

Title-less and now without his Money in the Bank briefcase it appears Lesnar is directionless.

A change of scenery and a move to SmackDown may be just what the doctor ordered.

With SmackDown moving to Fox programming in the United States on October 6, having Lesnar on their schedule would certainly build up interest.

The prediction this writer makes is that Kofi Kingston retains his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Randy Orton at Clash of Champions, but for Lesnar to attack the champion post-match.

This sets up a feud between Kingston and Lesnar heading to the October 6 launch date for SmackDown on Fox where the Beast will win the gold.

It makes sense in a number of ways. WWE and Fox will want a big name as champion initially. Kingston has had an unbelievable run as champion and dropping the strap to Lesnar will be no disgrace.

Samoa Joe turns face

The seeds have been planted. Joe being supportive to Roman Reigns after the latter's car was rammed. Facing more heel opponents.

The WWE are playing it slow by having Joe rejecting the public despite his nicer acts out of the ring.

But it is coming. Not Joe as a babyface as that wouldn't suit his character. But a tweener role where he is not afraid of going up against heels and being cheered.

Joe pretty much gets a face pop when he comes out to the ring regardless so WWE rolling with it makes sense.

He has had a long run as a heel and him facing off against heels offers a fresh dynamic for both himself and the opponents he will be facing.

Charlotte Flair will beat Bayley to become SmackDown Women's champion again. Image courtesy of WWE

Charlotte Flair's 10th reign

After her brilliant match with Trish Stratus at SummerSlam regaining her SmackDown Women's Championship is the next goal for Flair.

Bayley may hold the Queen off at Clash of Champions but the title change is coming.

Partly because of the Fox TV change. Partly because Bayley as champion isn't working. But mainly because Flair is just so good and without a better option her holding the title makes most sense.

Roman Reigns v Daniel Bryan

The old man who looks like Erik Rowan convinces no-one. Bryan and Rowan are behind the attacks on Reigns, it is just a case of when the reveal happens.

This should be a feud that runs to at least Survivor Series if not the end of the year.

Reigns v Bryan should be a cracking rivalry. It is no coincidence that WWE are putting Reigns with some top workers (Dolph Ziggler and Buddy Murphy) to remind people of just how good he can go in the ring as a big guy.

Bryan is still exceptional in the ring and he will get some great matches out of Reigns. It keeps both guys occupied and a way from the main event scene until around Royal Rumble 2020 when Reigns certainly, and possibly Bryan, start to feature there again.

Andrade to win King of the Ring

A heel usually wins the tournament and Andrade as the King of the Ring works very nicely.

Imagine the fun Zelina Vega is going to have doing promos demanding the audience bows down to their King.

The WWE have big plans for the Mexican and this could go a long way, if booked the right way, towards seeing him elevated to the upper echelons of the main event scene.