A whole new strategy for F1

Martin Brundle, the former Formula One driver and now television commentator for the BBC in the UK, reviews the season so far.

Martin Brundle.
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Six races in, how do you assess the 2010 season? I'm really enjoying it. It has been every bit as competitive as we anticipated. We've had some exciting races and several different championship leaders. The new points system has worked well. Which drivers have most impressed you?

Robert Kubica has done a very good job for Renault, but you have to say that Mark Webber's victories in Spain and Monaco were pretty spectacular. They've moved him up into a whole new league. F1's refuelling ban: good or bad? I preferred things the way they were. By abolishing refuelling they have taken away a level of strategic interest. They have compounded that by forcing the fastest 10 drivers to start on the same tyres they used in qualifying, which has removed another potential element of surprise. The racing has been good but that owes more to circumstance than the new regulations.

Everybody keeps saying there is not enough overtaking in F1, but in truth there never has been. Is overtaking overrated? To an extent, yes. We need more overtaking - it's a fundamental issue that still needs solving - but you don't want it to be made falsely easy. * Simon Arron