Muralitharan debate: the departure of a cheater or a champion?

What do you think? Is the Sri Lanka off-spinner a cheat or a champion? A chucker or a bowling legend? Tell us your thoughts.

During an audience with Frank Tyson at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, the fascinating conversation shifted towards Bishen Singh Bedi's description of the bowling action of Muttiah Muralitharan, the record wicket-taker. "If Murali doesn't chuck, then show me how to bowl," Bedi, the forthright former Indian slow left-armer, had said in an interview. "How can you call it bowling? He has no follow-through and he makes no use of his shoulders. His arm doesn't go up at all. I have a picture of him bowling somewhere. He looks like a good javelin thrower." Tyson, one of the fastest bowlers ever to grace the game, was incandescent. "I am sorry," he said, "but I don't think Mr Bedi knows what he is talking about." Read the full article here.

What do you think? Is Murali a cheat or a champion? A chucker or a legend? Tell us below.