Luck not on Big Sam's side

Sam Allardyce.  Luck's not been on his side, apparently. Pic: Ian Walton / Getty Images
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Sam Allardyce, the West Ham United manager, has revealed his frustration at twice losing his job through what he claims was off-field politics rather than on-the-pitch performances.

Allardyce guided the Hammers back into the Premier League after winning last season's play-off final against Blackpool - and watched has his former side Blackburn Rovers dropped the other way into the Championship.

He was sacked as Rovers manager in December 2010, after two years in charge, following the takeover by the Indian company Venky's, and replaced by Steve Kean.

Speaking to Abu Dhabi Sports, Allardyce admitted his departure was difficult to take since it had come on the back of a similar exit from the manager's job at Newcastle United.

"Losing your job or being sacked at any stage in your life is bitterly disappointing but to lose it by the fact that it's nothing to do with what you're achieving at the club, it's to do with the fact that the club has new owners, they don't particularly fancy you and they want their own manager in, that's something you have to accept.

"Not something you perhaps deserve, or don't think you deserve, but something you have to accept.

"Unfortunately for me it was the second time of asking, because a similar thing happened to me at Newcastle. The previous owners employed me, the new owners came in and in the end they wanted one of their own and you have to, as a manger today, with lots of ownerships changing, have to accept that."

Watch the full interview with Sam Allardyce, and his thoughts on Blackburn Rovers' subsequent collapse, on our video player below.