How it happened: Australia secure the series

Australia wins the Chapal Cup after winning the fourth ODI by eight wickets at the Zayed Cricket Stadium in Abu Dhabi.

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Australia win the Chapal series after securing the fourth one-day international by eight wickets. They hold an unassailable 3-1 lead going into Sunday's final match. Michael Clarke was brilliant with the bat scoring 100 not out and was well supported by Shane Watson who was unbeaten on 89. Pakistan did have Australia at 3-2 after three overs. Earlier Doug Bollinger helped keep the Pakistan target below 200 with a five for 35. Over 45 Second ball and Watson sweeps for four handing the match to Australia. Brilliant batting from the pair who put on 197. Clarke scored a beautiful century while Watson was cool under the early pressure which gave Australia a massive scare. Australia win by eight wickets, Clarke 100 not out, Watson 89 not out Over 44 Clarke might be getting worried. Watson edges for four. He scores a single. They need six to win, Clarke needs four. Shoaib bowls a bouncer. Clarke has one ball to get back on to strike . Well even better! He drives Shoaib for four and picks up his fourth ODI century. Well played. Australia 196-2, Clarke 100, Watson 81. Over 43 Clarke drives another four through the covers. If he hogs the strike we could see triple figures. He runs in another two to go to 96. He cannot get a single to get to the other end. I wonder if Watson will play ball with his captain here? Australia need 11 to win, Clarke needs four for a hundred.Australia 187-2, Clarke 96, Watson 76. Over 42 Shoaib is back on to try and find a wicket. Clarke now has a dozen boundaries after another well placed chip into the offside. He keeps the strike with a single and moves on to 90. Will we see the first century of the series? Australia 181-2. Over 41 Ajmal is back. He has been the only bowler to take any credit from this. Australia are happy to take two runs. Neither will want to give up his wicket now and it would be a shame if either of them got out between now and the end of the innings. Australia 174-2. Over 40 This is a batting masterclass from Clarke. He guides the ball on through gully for four despite the best efforts from Shoaib to prevent it. He tosses one up safe of third man for a single. Watson has been very good playing into midwicket today as well. He hands the strike back with another single. Clarke moves on to 83 guiding a wider ball down to fine leg. Watson scores another single to retain strike. Eight from this over. Pakistan have given up it seems. Australia 172-2, Watson 74, Clarke 83. Over 39 It is only a matter of time now for Australia. Three singles and then Watson drags a wide ball into the midwicket region for four. Australia 164-2. Over 38 Sohail Tanveer returns for his second spell. The Australians are still not in any hurry to score runs. They are still matching the Pakistan run rate, but through Clarke they pick their moments to attack. Clarke scores his 10th four to bring up the 150 partnership. Watson drives the final ball of the over for his fourth boundary. It has been outstanding batting from the pair of them. They now require 40 to win from 72 balls. Australia 157-2. Over 37 Clarke moves on to 70 with a single. Then Watson reaches 63 with a swipe into the offside. Arafat bowls another wide. Australia 147-2. Over 36 It goes from bad to worse for Pakistan as Afridi pulls up during his run in. The medic is out on the pitch tending to him. It looks like the fans favourite will not be taking anymore part in this match and he limps off the pitch. The crowd cheer him off. Ajmal replaces him. Akmal appeals for a stumping but Aleem Dar is not interested. Billy Bowden signals for a wide. Australia get two leg-byes off the final ball. Australia 144-2. Over 35 The third powerplay has been called by Australia. Clarke is confident that they can get close to the win now. Arafat returns to the attack. Clarke scores two with a sweep into backward square leg. Then Arafat bowls a wide. There is no fizz in the Pakistan field. The crowd are subdued but respecting this salvage operation by Clarke and Watson. Some are dispersing to the exits. Watson runs three off the final ball of the over, when earlier that would have only been a two-run shot. He moves on to 62 at drinks. Australia need 58 to win. Australia 140-2. Over 34 Clarke runs three down fine leg of Afridi's first ball of his second spell. Watson chips two into the gap between deep midwicket and long-on. Then Afridi goes for a leg-bye. Watson scores his third four of the innings. Australia 132-2. Over 33 Watson survives a lbw shout. Ajmal again very economical. From here Australia need 76 to win from 102 balls. It could still go wrong for the batting side. Pakistan are desperate to end this partnership. Australia 122-2. Over 32 Watson brings up his fifty in style with a big six over midwicket. He then relieves the strike with a single on the following ball. Clarke adds another. The crowd show some recognition to Watson's efforts despite not being the majority of the crowd's favourite cricketer at the moment after his remarks around the Ajmal saga. Australia 121-2. Over 31 Clarke lofts a shot into the offside, Akmal shouts catch it, but it falls safe. He then scores a single. Australia could do with picking up the pace. They require 4.4 an over from here. Australia 113-2. Over 30 Superb running by Watson who scrambles an extra run on the throw of Ajmal in the deep. He then scores a second double through the onside, followed by a single which leaves him diving for the crease. Positive cricket. He moves on to 44 with Clarke on 59. However they have slipped behind Pakistan's score after 30 overs, thanks mainly to some tight bowling by the spinners. Australia 108-2. Over 29 Ajmal tries a new tactic by bowling around the wicket to Watson. Pakistan have kept two close catchers, one at slip and one at silly point. They appeal for a catch behind but Aleem Dar is not interested. Akmal appeals for another catch. They are desperate to end this partnership that reaches 100 after Watson flicks away a single to square leg. Australia 103-2. Over 28 Malik bowls a wide in a tight over. Younus does not have many options it seems. Although Ajmal has tied the Grand Stand end up, no-one is looking like they will take the wicket of either Watson or Clarke. Australia 102-2. Over 27 OK, so Australia now need less than 100 to win with 23 overs in hand. Watson brings up Australia's 100 with a flick off his pads for two. Australia 101-2. Over 26 Malik is costly again. Clarke scores his ninth boundary through the covers to add to the two he had scored in the previous ball. Watson scores another single. Australia 98-2, Clarke 58 Watson 36. Over 25 Watson is still trying to punish Ajmal, but the bowler is succeeding in this private battle. Ajmal has this end tied up as he bowls a maiden. It is the other end that is the worry for Younus. Australia 91-2. Over 24 Shoaib Malik is called in bowl. But that does not stop Clarke reaching his fifty as he knocks the ball into the gap on the offside for two. He adds a single. Watson scores a two. Comfortable batting at the minute. The spin threat has not materialised as it did in the previous ODI. Australia 91-2. Over 23 Ajmal is proving to a hard bowler to get at with just another single coming off his spin work. Australia 86-2. Over 22 Clarke edges closer to his second consecutive half-century with a single. Watson nurdles the ball to square leg for one, then Clarkepinches another single with a similar shot. Watson retains the strike with a single on the last. Australia 85-2. Over 21 Saeed Ajmal is introduced by Younus. Clarke runs a single as Ajmal fires through his six balls. Australia 81-2. Over 20 Australia have a 20 run lead compared to Pakistan at this stage. The two batsmen look in great shape. Australia 80-2, Watson 30, Clarke 46. Over 19 Shoaib returns for his second spell. His first ball back gets the full treatment from Clarke who notches up his seventh boundary. Then Shoaib oversteps the line and Clarke gets a free hit. He takes a single from it. Then Clarke smashes another four off Shoaib. A very expensive over with 13 runs coming off it. Australia 78-2. Over 18 Afridi continues with his leg breaks, now into his fourth over. Clarke and Watson score a run each. This partnership has silenced the crowd. Younus needs to have a rethink here. Australia 67-2. Over 17 Arafat continues from the Grand Stand end after drinks. Watson plays a single into the onside. That is followed by a timely strike through midwicket for four by Clarke. Pakistan look a bit short on answers at the moment. Australia 65-2. Over 16 Watson adds another two by flicking it off his pads, Shoaib chases well to save a boundary. We go to drinks with Australia ahead at this stage.Australia 60-2. Over 15 Watson is trying his hardest to hit Arafat out of the ground, but he cannot get his timing right. So far the bowler has been excellent. Clarke scampers for two runs and each add a single. Australia 57-2, Watson 23 Clarke 31. Over 14 Clarke powers a boundary through the covers with little footwork. These two remain in good touch. It brings up the 50 for Australia. Shoaib was lucky not to have conceded a four after his initial mis-field. Australia run three. Australia 53-2. Over 13 Watson pushes two off Arafat's first ball. Then he adds two leg-byes in the extras column. It is still slow stuff, but like the previous innings, Australia are re-building after their poor start. Australia 45-2. Over 12 Watson pulls Afridi for two. He then adds a single. Australia 41-2. Over 11 Arafat produces another tight over and only goes for a single from Watson. Australia 39-2. Over 10 Clarke replicates his boundary two overs previously against Tanveer. Then he plays a stab into the ground to run it through the offside for another four. Nice timing from the captain. Australia 38-2, Clarke 21, Watson 16. Over 9 Yasir Arafat replaces Shoaib. He keeps a tight line and length and earns himself a maiden. The crowd applaud his effort. Australia 30-2. Over 8 Watson rides a shorter ball and edges it over the slip cordon to third man. That brings in Clarke who scores his second four of the innings with a timely straight drive. Australia are going at a steady pace, currently inside the four runs an over rate that is required. Australia 30-2. Over 7 Watson does look to be in good touch as he remains undeterred to playing at Shoaib. He strikes a nice cover drive for four. He adds a single and Clarke sees out the over. Australia 25-2. Over 6 Tanveer goes for two runs. The pace of the match has died down after what was an emphatic start. Australia 20-2. Over 5 Shoaib is really causing problems as Aleem Dar turns down a lbw appeal. It was close as hawkeye suggests that it was clipping the top of off stump. Watson then scores two off an inside edge. What a start to the innings. Australia 18-2, Watson 9 Clarke 8. Over 4 Clarke clips away his first boundary through square leg as the crowd are quietened down momentarily. He then plays a shot for two through midwicket. Tanveer responds by angling in a tempting slower one for Clarke to drive. He misses and it goes through to Akmal. Then he thick-edges it to third man. Watson retains the strike by scoring a single down to third man. Australia 16-2. WICKET Over 3 Shoaib goes close to North's off stump on his first ball before trapping him plum for lbw on his second. He goes for one. He is on fire and the crowd are producing a right racket in response to the Rawalpindi express. The captain Michael Clarke is now in. He gets off the mark back flicking the ball down the leg side. Shane Watson spoils the party by cracking a four through point. It has been a breathless start to the innings. Australia 8-2. Over 2 Sohail Tanveer will operate at the South Stand end. He bowls a maiden with Watson leaving a couple. He tentatively plays the fifth and it breezes just past his outside edge Australia 3-1. WICKET Over 1 Akhtar has the new ball. He strikes with his second delivery as Haddin edges to the wicketkeeper Kamran Akmal for a golden duck. Marcus North is the new batsman. He gets off the mark with a single. Watson scores a run off the last ball of the over to retain the strike. Australia 3-1. It has been a cracking atmosphere during the interval with Pakistan's fans in full voice. Australia need 198 to win and it will be Brad Haddin and Shane Watson opening the batting. ----------------------------------------------------------- Have they done enough to win this match? Find out in 35 minutes time when we come back for Australia's response. As always comments on the match are more than welcome, so have your say below. ------------------------------------------------------------------ WICKET x2 Over 49 Shoaib does not hang around and is caught brilliantly by Clarke at point for two runs. Saeed Ajmal is next to bat. Bollinger then claims his fifth wicket by bowling out Ajmal for a duck. Bollinger definitely the pick of the bowlers with figures of five for 35 off 7.4 overs. Pakistan all out for 197. Pakistan 197 all out Arafat 23 not out WICKET Over 48 Shane Watson has nightmare and drops Tanveer. Clarke and Watson were patrolling square-leg, Watson calls for it confidently, only to take his eyes off the ball at the last minute. However he was redeemed by Hauritz who caught Tanveer off the bowling of Bracken two balls later. Next in is Shoaib Akhtar who gets a massive cheer from the embankments. Arafat scores a beautiful four through mid-wicket to end the eventful final over for Bracken who finishes with excellent figures of two for 31. Pakistan 194-8, Arafat 22, Akhtar 0 Over 47 Tanveer shows signs that he will give his innings a go by producing a nice wristy shot for four. A couple of singles and a two from Arafat edges Pakistan closer to the 200 mark. Pakistan 188-7, Arafat 17, Tanveer 7 Over 46 A mis-field allows Tanveer to get off the mark. Arafat adds another single to his tally. Australia get sloppy again with another overthrow to allow Tanveer his second run. Pakistan 181-7. WICKET Over 45 Afridi goes for 40! He gets his pull shot all wrong as Bollinger gets his third wicket through North's catch at midwicket. Sohail Tanveer is now at the crease. Arafat scores a boundary down to fine leg in the next delivery. Pakistan 178-7. Over 44 The last powerplay is signalled by Billy Bowden as the floodlights are now being turned on. Bracken goes for four runs. Pakistan 174-6. Over 43 Arafat strikes the first six of the innings well over the long-on boundary. He follows up with two runs to with an edge down to third man. In all ten runs come off Clarks final over who finishes with figures of one for 39. Pakistan 170-6. Over 42 Bracken gets five balls at Arafat after Afridi trusts the lesser batsman with a larger workload. Those five balls are priceless dots. Pakistan 160-6. Over 41 Well that will not please Afridi, Arafat goes on a kamikaze run to the strikers end, Afridi was slow to respond and Haddin is just wide with his shy at the stumps as Afridi just makes it home. Clark's penultimate over goes for three runs. Pakistan 159-6. Over 40 Bracken returns to close out the Grand Stand end. It will be an interesting competition between Australia's premier death bowler and Afridi who has to stick around until the end now. Pakistan score three runs off the over including Arafat's first run. Pakistan 156-6. Over 39 Comedy fielding from Bollinger who throws it around on the boundary. Somehow he prevents it going for four from the third-man region and Afridi runs two. He adds one more to retain the strike. Pakistan 153-6. Over 38 Afridi strikes another four. He is the key man now to push Pakistan towards 200 which is a competitive score on this wicket. The 150 is now up for Pakistan. Pakistan 150-6, Afridi 29 Arafat 0. WICKET Over 37 Clean bowled! Akmal's time in the middle is a short one as he misses completely as Clark's ball strikes the off stump. Pakistan are in a spot of bother again as Yasir Arafat is the next man in. A wicket maiden. Pakistan 145-6. WICKET Over 36 Bollinger returns strikes again. Malik is trapped lbw for 27 off 33 balls in a useful innings. Kamran Akmal is now at the crease. He scores a single off his first ball. Oh gremlins. Bollinger appeals for a lbw shout Afridi tries to pinch a single and Australia throw it wide for four overthrows. Pakistan 145-5. Over 35 A glorious off-drive from Afridi sends the Pakistan fans into their version of the conga. He scores a two straight after, followed by a thick edge that races away for another boundary. Pakistan are set for 200 at least after a real slow start as we break for drinks. Pakistan 140-4. Over 34 Andrew Symonds replaces Hauritz to become the eighth bolwer used by Clarke. Afridi flashes an edge past Haddin for four in an over that goes for nine runs. Pakistan 129-4. Over 33 The Pakistan fans just love Afridi like no other player at the minute. He delivers with a slog over the cover region for two runs. The crowd expect some fireworks now with Malik in fine form pinching runs and Afridi as explosive as ever. Pakistan 120-4. WICKET Over 32 Shehzad has a rush of blood to his head and lofts one to Colin Ferguson at long-on. Hauritz has largely been in-effective until then. He goes for 43 and the crowd roar as Shahid Afridi walks up to the middle. Malik faces Hauritz's final ball which is a dot, leaving the bowler with figures of one for 34 off ten overs. Pakistan 116-4. Over 31 A return to the quicker bowlers then as Clark replaces his captain. However Haddin is standing up to the wicket to put pressure on the batsman. A tight line again from Clark and three runs are scored off that over. Pakistan 113-3. Over 30 Hauritz's penultimate over goes for three runs. Malik has really pushed the score on by getting 20 off 22 balls so far. Pakistan 110-3, Shehzad 42, Malik 20. Over 29 The 100 is up for Pakistan with the batsmen going after Clarke in this over as the captain gets knocked for nine runs including a four from Shehzad. Pakistan 107-3. Over 28 The crowd is now in full voice as Hauritz's over goes for three. He is the only bowler so far to bowl more than five overs in a row and he must be just about spent. Pakistan 98-3. Over 27 The Pakistan batsmen are still dealing in ones and twos but they are closing in on 100 runs. Clarke goes for six off the over. Pakistan 95-3, Shehzad 39 Malik 8. Over 26 Shehzad is well settled now and he has to stick around to let Malik settle. He chips in with a three with a lofted shot over the covers. Malik is playing positive strokes too with the over going for eight runs Pakistan 89-3. WICKET Over 25 The 'luckiest bowler in the world' strikes again. Clarke traps Misbah lbw as the batsman tried to sweep it way. Misbah goes for 34. Next in is Shoaib Malik. He takes two balls to get off the mark. Pakistan 81-3. Over 24 Hauritz swaps ends and bowls from the Grand Stand end. Pakistan add four more to their tally and the score is starting to look quite healthy. Pakistan 80-2. Over 23 And he does just that. Misbah meets a short delivery and pulls it for four. The crowd are on their feet. The captain concedes five runs. Pakistan are slowly picking up the run rate. Pakistan 76-2. Over 22 We finally hear what noise this crowd can achieve as a lovely cover drive from Shehzad produces the first boundary of the partnership. Eight runs from North's over, he has been expensive in comparison to the others, maybe Clarke should chuck himself back on again? Pakistan 71-2. Over 21 The 50 partnership is up for Misbah and Shehzad after the former plays a shot into the on-side for two. It has been laboured but they have done well to rescue the innings from a poor start. Pakistan 63-2. Over 20 North continues from the Grand Stand end. He goes for four off the over with Shehzad raising the roof by lofting one to long-off for two. Pakistan 60-2, Misbah 25, Shehzad 21. Over 19 Hauritz's off-spin is producing quite a lot of turn. Other than that, everything is flat out there. The crowd continues to swell but they need something to cheer about. Pakistan 56-2. Over 18 Marcus North replaces Hopes with some right arm dollies. He goes for four runs which sees Pakistan go past the 50 mark. Pakistan 53-2. Over 17 Geoffry Boycott is at the Zayed Cricket Stadium doing television commentary. I think he will be the person in attendance happy with the way the two batsmen are approaching this game. His philosophy was never to give away his wicket. Pakistan need to do something to get quick runs on the board though. Hauritz goes for one run despite Sehzad's best intentions of going after him. Pakistan 49-2. Over 16 Shehzad is trying to increase the run rate by coming down the crease but he just cannot find the middle of his bat. Hopes goes for one run as we break for drinks. Pakistan 48-2. Over 15 Much better from Pakistan as Hauritz goes for five more runs. It is still a pedestrian pace out there for scoring. Pakistan 47-2, Misbah 18 Shehzad 15. Over 14 Hopes ambles in another very good over for Australia that goes for a single on the final ball. It shows that the seamers are having a lot of joy out there. Clarke might be rotating his attack at a quicker rate to combat the heat meaning that Hauritz is on sooner than he would have liked. Pakistan 41-2. Over 13 Clarke turns to Nathan Hauritz at the South Stand end. I am not to sure of this decision. I would have left Clark on for the remainder of the powerplay. He goes for three runs in an over that also includes two leg-byes. Pakistan 40-2. Over 12 James Hopes replaces Bracken and gets despatched for three singles off his first three balls. To his credit he finds his rhythm for the remaining three balls. The Pakistan fans get the drums going. They sense that their batsmen need to get the scoreboard ticking over at a faster rate. Pakistan 35-2. Over 11 Clarke, the captain, calls on the second powerplay session of the match. Clark produces four balls right on the money. He then drifts one down leg-side and Misbah wrists it away four two. Spoiled the over for Clark but Pakistan are going at Test match pace at the minute. This will be another low scoring game. Pakistan 32-2. Over 10 Misbah scores three runs off Bracken's fourth delivery down towards the cover boundary. The outfield seems to be a bit slower. Shehzad gets a single and reaches double figures. Pakistan 30-2, Shehzad 10 Misbah 9. Over 9 Misbah scores two singles and Shehzad adds another. Michael Clarke, the Australia captain, will be pleased with his seamers so far. Pakistan 25-2. Over 8 Top stuff from Bracken as he chips in with the first maiden of the game. I think Shehzad and Misbah are playing themselves in and will have a go at the spinners when they come on. The Pakistan middle-order does need to stand up and be counted for, especially after the last collapse on Monday. Pakistan 22-2. Over 7 A bowling change as Stuart Clark replaces Bollinger. Apart from the wide delivery from his second ball, that was spotless. I am not sure if it is the heat or Australia's grip on the game, but the crowd is stifled. Pakistan 22-2. Over 6 Bracken puts in a tight over, which would have been a run less barring an error in the deep. Misbah takes a single and Shehzad scores two. Pakistan 21-2. Over 5 The Pakistan fans have something to cheer about as Shehzad strikes a lovely four down to the long-on boundary. Bollinger counters with another tidy over Pakistan 18-2, Shehzad 6, Misbah 2. WICKET Over 4 This is pleasing for Australia as Bracken strikes. Younus looked in very good touch but he misjudges a little off-cutter and plays it on to his stumps. Misbah ul-Haq is in and he survives an appeal for an edge to Haddin. Misbah hurries a single to stay out of harms way. Australia have Pakistan on the ropes here. Pakistan 13-2. Over 3 Shehzad gets a free hit for two runs raising the first big cheer from the ever growing crowd on the embankments. Tidy over from Bollinger. Pakistan 12-1. Over 2 Nathan Bracken opens the bowling from the grand stand end. His first ball gets a nasty inside-edge from Younus that goes for four. They then risk a single to bring Shehzad on strike. He has a swipe on the last ball that is inches from the edge. Pakistan 8-1. WICKET Over 1 The Pakistan openers are Ahmed Shehzad, the right hander, and Salman Butt the left hander. Doug Bollinger opens the bowling. Butt scores two off the first ball. Plays at the next one for no run and then edges the fourth to Haddin. What an explosive start to the day. Younus Khan is in. He gets off the mark thanks to a sloppy over throw. Great start for Australia. Pakistan 2-1. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Well, it's a scorcher inside the stadium with the temperature rising to 41c and lets hope we have some scorching cricket to match. The players have spent the last 30 minutes or so doing their drills. Both kept it light as they do not want to overdo it out there, apart from Brad Haddin, the Australian wicketkeeper, who is really making sure he will be on his toes later on. The ground staff are making the last preparations to the pitch which includes rolling out the sponsor markings at each end of wicket. On the boundaries, the spectators are starting to arrive in dribs and drabs, equipped no doubt with flags, banners and horns. PAKISTAN Win the toss and surprise surprise, Younus Khan decides to have a bat. His decision based around the heat. The team news is in. It is Umer Gul that makes way for Shoaib Akhtar in the Pakistan ranks and as predicted Doug Bollinger comes in for Ben Hilfenhaus for the Australians. Marcus North debuts in place of David Hussey Pakistan: Ahmed Shehzad, Salman Butt, Younis Khan, Misbah-ul-Haq, Shoaib Malik, Kamran Akmal, Shahid Afridi, Shoaib Akhtar, Saeed Ajmal, Sohail Tanvir, Yasir Arafat Australia: Brad Haddin, Michael Clarke, Shane Watson, Andrew Symonds, Marcus North, Callum Ferguson, James Hopes, Nathan Hauritz, Nathan Bracken, Doug Bollinger, Stuart Clark Sunday's umpires are Aleem Dar and the crooked finger of Billy Bowden. Zameer Haider is the TV umpire. So sit back, play starts in 15 minutes.