22 May 1998:  Sandy Lyle of Scotland during the Volvo PGA Championship at Wentworth Golf Club in Surrey, England. \ Mandatory Credit: Andrew  Redington/Allsport
Sandy Lyle figures in the dream team of Tony Jacklin, the greatest Ryder Cup captain, but is also "a forgotten hero."

Lyle waits for the captaincy

Nick Faldo has hinted that he would like another crack at the job... victorious 2006 captain Ian Woosnam is ready and willing to return to the fray...Colin Montgomerie may be ready to accept the responsibility although the feeling persists that he would prefer to wait for the 2014 contest to be held in his home village of Gleneagles...so has the time come for the "Forgotten Man" of European golf to emerge from the shadows...?

When asked to name his Ryder Cup All-Time "Dream Team", Tony Jacklin fussed and fretted over his selection, jotting down a name here, scoring out a name there, suddenly thinking of a glaring omission only to dismiss the notion seconds later. Finally, the greatest Ryder Cup captain of them all was ready to pronounce judgement: "Seve Ballesteros...Arnold Palmer... Sam Snead...Bernhard Langer...Ben Hogan,..Nick Faldo...Ian Woosnam...Lee Trevino... Jose-Maria Olazabal...Billy Casper...Raymond Floyd...and Sandy Lyle."

Invited to explain his selections, when it came to the only Scotsman named in his distinguished dozen, Europe's triumphant captain of 1985 and 1987 elaborated thus: "Sandy Lyle is a forgotten hero. His achievements - and what an enormously talented golfer he was - tend to be overlooked. But when he had confidence in his putting, he was a great player. Everything looked so easy." The object of Jacklin's affection grins delightedly when told of his inclusion among the Ryder Cup gods. "Palmer, Hogan, Snead and Lyle, eh? Remind me to buy Tony a drink the next time I see him."

Sandy Lyle has grown accustomed to being overlooked. When he won the British Open championship at Royal St George's in 1985, a grateful nation voted Barry McGuigan, Ian Botham and Steve Cram as their 1-2-3 in the BBC Sports Personality of the Year poll; when he became the first Briton to win the Masters three years later, the sporting public rewarded him with third place behind Steve Davis and Adrian Moorehouse. Even the MBE he was granted in 1987 ranks below Colin Montgomerie's OBE, let alone the knighthoods bestowed upon Clive Woodward, Matthew Pinsent and Bobby Robson.

Of Europe's "Big Five of Golf" of the 1980s - the golden decade of Seve, Faldo, Woosie and Langer - he alone has been cruelly overlooked and never granted the honour of captaining our Ryder Cup team. As the ghostwriter of his autobiography, I know just how much this slight hurts the man Seve described, in the pre-Tiger Woods days, as "the greatest god-given talent in history" but, typically, my big pal refuses to launch a Hillary Clinton-style address of self- promotion.

"Everyone knows where my ambitions lie. As a Scot, it would be fantastic to captain the side at Gleneagles in 2014, but that is probably too far for me; at the age of 56, I'll have missed the train. "But two years time at Celtic Manor in Wales? Why not? Of the so-called 'Big Five', I am the only one still awaiting the call. And without blowing my own trumpet, I think it's an honour I deserve in recognition of my past achievements.

"Leading Europe against the Americans would mean every bit as much to me as my Open and Masters victories. That said, I've prepared myself for the worst. If I don't get the job then I ain't gonna cry about it." There are those who claim that Sandy's Ryder Cup train left the station without him after 10 holes of the British Open championship at Royal Birkdale in July when he walked off the course with an embarrassing 11-over-par.

"I've never made much of a fuss about suffering from sore hands, but the knuckles of my left hand that day were aching. It was not arthritis, but the combination of the wind and rain was playing havoc with my joints and I simply couldn't go on. "It's not my scene to play two hours and walk off, but if I had jarred my hand once more, then who knows when I would have been able to play again. As far as that snap decision could impact upon my chances of the Ryder Cup captaincy, I can only hope that my past record would count for a lot more. To me, serving as captain would represent my third major. So, if Europe needs me in 2010, then I'm ready."


The Specs

Lamborghini LM002
Engine: 5.2-litre V12
Power: 450hp at 6,800rpm
Torque: 500Nm at 4,500rpm
Transmission: Five-speed manual
0-100kph: 9 seconds (approx)
Top speed: 210kph (approx)
Years built: 1986-93
Total vehicles built: 328
Value today: $300,000+


Author: Saeed Teebi

Pages: 256

Publisher: House of Anansi Press

Hidden killer

Sepsis arises when the body tries to fight an infection but damages its own tissue and organs in the process.

The World Health Organisation estimates it affects about 30 million people each year and that about six million die.

Of those about three million are newborns and 1.2 are young children.

Patients with septic shock must often have limbs amputated if clots in their limbs prevent blood flow, causing the limbs to die.

Campaigners say the condition is often diagnosed far too late by medical professionals and that many patients wait too long to seek treatment, confusing the symptoms with flu. 

What are NFTs?

Are non-fungible tokens a currency, asset, or a licensing instrument? Arnab Das, global market strategist EMEA at Invesco, says they are mix of all of three.

You can buy, hold and use NFTs just like US dollars and Bitcoins. “They can appreciate in value and even produce cash flows.”

However, while money is fungible, NFTs are not. “One Bitcoin, dollar, euro or dirham is largely indistinguishable from the next. Nothing ties a dollar bill to a particular owner, for example. Nor does it tie you to to any goods, services or assets you bought with that currency. In contrast, NFTs confer specific ownership,” Mr Das says.

This makes NFTs closer to a piece of intellectual property such as a work of art or licence, as you can claim royalties or profit by exchanging it at a higher value later, Mr Das says. “They could provide a sustainable income stream.”

This income will depend on future demand and use, which makes NFTs difficult to value. “However, there is a credible use case for many forms of intellectual property, notably art, songs, videos,” Mr Das says.

Ashes 2019 schedule

August 1-5: First Test, Edgbaston

August 14-18: Second Test, Lord's

August 22-26: Third Test, Headingley

September 4-8: Fourth Test, Old Trafford

September 12-16: Fifth Test, Oval


Name: Akeed

Based: Muscat

Launch year: 2018

Number of employees: 40

Sector: Online food delivery

Funding: Raised $3.2m since inception

UK - UAE Trade

Total trade in goods and services (exports plus imports) between the UK and the UAE in 2022 was £21.6 billion (Dh98 billion). 

This is an increase of 63.0 per cent or £8.3 billion in current prices from the four quarters to the end of 2021.


The UAE was the UK’s 19th largest trading partner in the four quarters to the end of Q4 2022 accounting for 1.3 per cent of total UK trade.

Company profile

Date started: January 2022
Founders: Omar Abu Innab, Silvia Eldawi, Walid Shihabi
Based: Dubai
Sector: PropTech / investment
Employees: 40
Stage: Seed
Investors: Multiple


Company: Eco Way
Started: December 2023
Founder: Ivan Kroshnyi
Based: Dubai, UAE
Industry: Electric vehicles
Investors: Bootstrapped with undisclosed funding. Looking to raise funds from outside


Starring: Lupita Nyong'o, Joseph Quinn, Djimon Hounsou

Director: Michael Sarnoski

Rating: 4/5

Tips for used car buyers
  • Choose cars with GCC specifications
  • Get a service history for cars less than five years old
  • Don’t go cheap on the inspection
  • Check for oil leaks
  • Do a Google search on the standard problems for your car model
  • Do your due diligence. Get a transfer of ownership done at an official RTA centre
  • Check the vehicle’s condition. You don’t want to buy a car that’s a good deal but ends up costing you Dh10,000 in repairs every month
  • Validate warranty and service contracts with the relevant agency and and make sure they are valid when ownership is transferred
  • If you are planning to sell the car soon, buy one with a good resale value. The two most popular cars in the UAE are black or white in colour and other colours are harder to sell

Tarek Kabrit, chief executive of Seez, and Imad Hammad, chief executive and co-founder of CarSwitch.com

Our family matters legal consultant

Name: Hassan Mohsen Elhais

Position: legal consultant with Al Rowaad Advocates and Legal Consultants.

Porsche Taycan Turbo specs

Engine: Two permanent-magnet synchronous AC motors

Transmission: two-speed

Power: 671hp

Torque: 1050Nm

Range: 450km

Price: Dh601,800

On sale: now


Director: Rajkumar Hirani 

Starring: Shah Rukh Khan, Taapsee Pannu, Vikram Kochhar and Anil Grover

Rating: 4/5


Name: Kinetic 7
Started: 2018
Founder: Rick Parish
Based: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Industry: Clean cooking
Funding: $10 million
Investors: Self-funded

How to donate

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