Rapscallion Luis Suarez tries to claim a penalty for handball ... after Chile goalkeeper makes a save

The Uruguay striker appealed for a penalty when goalkeeper Gabriel Arias blocked a shot with his arm - inside the his own six-yard box - during 2019 Copa America match

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It has long been on of football’s great truths that Luis Suarez would do almost anything to win.

He has even admitted as much in the past. Go over a little too easily? There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that. Feign injury to con the referee and gain an unwarranted advantage? If the opportunity arises, seemingly.

Not this past season, Suarez drew the ire of Liverpool supporters when he did what these days is wildly considered anathema to football's Great Moral Code: he celebrated scoring for Barcelona, against his former club. The cheek.

Then there is the infamous biting – multiple cases – and the other regrettable transgressions.

But on Monday night, Suarez provided yet another example of his unshakeable will to win; that determination to eke out whatever is required to get one over his opponents.

In Uruguay's Copa America Group C clash with Chile, Suarez first appeared to appeal for a penalty when rival goalkeeper Gabriel Arias blocked a shot with his arm … inside his own six-yard box.

Then later, when a pitch invader was stopped in his tracks by a sly trip from Chile’s Gonzalo Jara, Suarez set off towards the referee, seemingly screaming for a card to be brandished. That the intruder was sporting a chicken’s head only added to the peculiarity of it all.

The match finished 1-0 to Uruguay, by the way. But no doubt it should be forever remembered for Suarez's double dupe.