Falcons aiming to spread their wings

The UAE Falcons rugby league team will take on Liban Espoir, the Lebanese national development team, at The Sevens Stadium in Dubai today. It is the first of a double-header against Espoir, with a second game on Monday evening. The Falcons' director of development Sol Mokdad, who also plays as prop, hopes the games will act as a great showcase for the sport, which is still in its infancy in the Emirates.

"The match is as much for development of the sport as our preparation for a domestic championship later this year and our World Cup efforts. We're trying to get as many people involved as we can so we run a professional and successful league," he said. The clashes are a re-match following losses last year to Espoir and Saddleworth Rangers, of England - who will also visit next month - and Mokdad believes the UAE Falcons have come a long way since those encounters.

"We've been training twice a week the last four months - we didn't have that consistency last year. Then we only had a few training sessions before each match, this year we have had the time to put tactics in place," he said. Made up of Emirati, English, Lebanese and Australian players, among other nationalities, the UAE team are positively multicultural but they hope to have a higher number of UAE nationals as word of the game spreads.

"As a national team we'd like to name as many local players as we can, so we're looking to build on that," says Mokdad. "There are also a number of rugby league players in Dubai who have converted to union as there was no structured league here, but we're hoping now their season has finished they'll transfer to us." In order to qualify for the next World Cup in 2013, the UAE must take part in a local four-club tournament, which will kick off in the autumn, and play in selected international matches, possibly against Malta, Italy and India- Pakistan.



Company name: Revibe
Started: 2022
Founders: Hamza Iraqui and Abdessamad Ben Zakour
Based: UAE
Industry: Refurbished electronics
Funds raised so far: $10m
Investors: Flat6Labs, Resonance and various others


Company name: ASI (formerly DigestAI)

Started: 2017

Founders: Quddus Pativada

Based: Dubai, UAE

Industry: Artificial intelligence, education technology

Funding: $3 million-plus

Investors: GSV Ventures, Character, Mark Cuban

Founders: Ines Mena, Claudia Ribas, Simona Agolini, Nourhan Hassan and Therese Hundt

Date started: January 2017, app launched November 2017

Based: Dubai, UAE

Sector: Private/Retail/Leisure

Number of Employees: 18 employees, including full-time and flexible workers

Funding stage and size: Seed round completed Q4 2019 - $1m raised

Funders: Oman Technology Fund, 500 Startups, Vision Ventures, Seedstars, Mindshift Capital, Delta Partners Ventures, with support from the OQAL Angel Investor Network and UAE Business Angels

'Nightmare Alley'

Director:Guillermo del Toro

Stars:Bradley Cooper, Cate Blanchett, Rooney Mara

Rating: 3/5

Milestones on the road to union


October 26: Bahrain withdraws from a proposal to create a federation of nine with the seven Trucial States and Qatar. 

December: Ahmed Al Suwaidi visits New York to discuss potential UN membership.


March 1:  Alex Douglas Hume, Conservative foreign secretary confirms that Britain will leave the Gulf and “strongly supports” the creation of a Union of Arab Emirates.

July 12: Historic meeting at which Sheikh Zayed and Sheikh Rashid make a binding agreement to create what will become the UAE.

July 18: It is announced that the UAE will be formed from six emirates, with a proposed constitution signed. RAK is not yet part of the agreement.

August 6:  The fifth anniversary of Sheikh Zayed becoming Ruler of Abu Dhabi, with official celebrations deferred until later in the year.

August 15: Bahrain becomes independent.

September 3: Qatar becomes independent.

November 23-25: Meeting with Sheikh Zayed and Sheikh Rashid and senior British officials to fix December 2 as date of creation of the UAE.

November 29:  At 5.30pm Iranian forces seize the Greater and Lesser Tunbs by force.

November 30: Despite  a power sharing agreement, Tehran takes full control of Abu Musa. 

November 31: UK officials visit all six participating Emirates to formally end the Trucial States treaties

December 2: 11am, Dubai. New Supreme Council formally elects Sheikh Zayed as President. Treaty of Friendship signed with the UK. 11.30am. Flag raising ceremony at Union House and Al Manhal Palace in Abu Dhabi witnessed by Sheikh Khalifa, then Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi.

December 6: Arab League formally admits the UAE. The first British Ambassador presents his credentials to Sheikh Zayed.

December 9: UAE joins the United Nations.

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