Armadillo chosen as mascot for 2014 World Cup

The cartoon creature, which was revealed by Ronaldo, has been designed to represent the endangered three-banded armadillo.

The as-yet unnamed armadillo mascot for the 2014 World Cup
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An armadillo has been unveiled as the mascot for the 2014 World Cub in Brazil.

The mascot, unveiled by former Brazil striker Ronaldo last night, represented the three-banded armadillo - an endangered species indigenous to Brazil.

While nature's version is light brown in colour, Fifa's mascot is yellow with green eyes and a blue shell, the colours of the Brazilian flag, and holds aloft a football.

The mascot follows in the tradition of previous figures such as Spain's smiling Naranjito the Orange in 1982, England's World Cup Willie lion in 1966 and Footix the Rooster for the France '98 tournament.

"The mascot will play a key ambassadorial role in the next two years," Ronaldo said as he unveiled the design.

"I'm sure he will inspire many young football fans in Brazil and all over the world with the great passion which he has for the sport and for his country."

Fifa said a vote would be held to choose the mascot's name.

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