And down goes the referee...

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It's not often you see a match abandoned, particularly during a pre-season friendly.  So take a bow referee Christian Fischer.  Or should that be a tumble...The official was left flat on his back - and apparently spark out - after being bumped by Benfica skipper Luisao during the first half of his side's match with Fortuna Dusseldorf in Germany yesterday.

Luisao had approached the referee to protest about his decision to send off Javi Garcia after a solid tackle on Fortuna's Oliver Fink.  But before the red card could be flashed, Fischer was on the deck.

Once he'd recovered the referee brought the match to a premature end.  And refused to restart it.

A legitimate response to an attack on the referee by a player - or a bit of an overreaction? Watch what happened below, then decide for yourself...

The club said it was going to report Benfica to UEFA over the incident.  Benfica, on the other hand, descrbed the referee's fall as "a lamentable display of theatre".

But fair play to newly-promoted Fortuna, they didn't want to leave the fans that had turned out for the game disappointed.  Since 38 minutes had been played before the referee abandoned procedings, they came back out to play a 45-minute bounce game between themselves.