UK's Scotland Yard 'assessing' Mo Farah trafficking allegations

Olympic great piques police interest after telling BBC documentary 'The Real Mo Farah' he was trafficked into UK aged 9

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Scotland Yard confirmed on Tuesday it is “assessing” allegations made by four-time Olympic champion Sir Mo Farah that a couple trafficked him into the UK when he was a child.

Sir Mo, 39, revealed his real name is Hussein Abdi Kahin and that the name Mohamed Farah was given to him by the traffickers who are now facing a potential police investigation.

The long-distance runner made the allegations in BBC documentary The Real Mo Farah, in which he credits his former PE teacher Alan Watkinson with saving him from domestic servitude.

Mr Watkinson told filmmakers he knew the truth but was unrepentant that he did not disclose it to authorities as it meant he could help Sir Mo find a new home.

“When you went through the process of social services, you stayed as Mohamed Farah. To my mind, at that point, the state have recognised you as Mohamed Farah. I don’t think either I or the school did anything wrong.

The Met Police are now “assessing the available information” while considering whether to launch an investigation, a representative told the Telegraph.

“We are aware of reports in the media concerning Sir Mo Farah. No reports have been made to the MPS at this time

“We believe there are victims of modern slavery, including children in every borough across London and the public may encounter them every day, possibly without realising. As well as being sexually exploited, victims have been found working in construction, domestic servitude, agriculture, cannabis factories and in places you use yourself, such as car washes, barbers and nail bars.”

The husband and wife at the heart of the storm are believed still to be living in the UK.

Following the shock announcement, Sir Mo said he was “really proud” of the documentary, which enabled him to “address and learn more” about his past and his journey to Britain.

The Real Mo Farah will air at 6am UK time on BBC iPlayer, and at 9pm on BBC One, on July 13.

Updated: July 14, 2022, 7:53 AM