Sophia Loren’s granddaughter steals the limelight in Naples

Sophia Loren’s graddaughter asks to wear her D&G handbag and her Oscar-winning Nonna obliges. Photo by Rebecca McLaughlin-Duane

Neapolitan Oscar-winner Sophia Loren was upstaged momentarily by her granddaughter when she attended D&G’s couture show in Italy.

Four-year-old Beatrice - who is the daughter of Loren’s son, the orchestral conductor Carlo Ponti, Jr. and Hungarian violinist Andrea Mészáros - wore a miniature version of a D&G floral gown to attend Alta Moda in Naples.

As she walked alongside her famous grandmother to their seats on-stage, Beatrice pleaded to carry Loren’s handbag. Her ‘Nonna’ (Italian for grandmother) duly obliged and the duo also shared a hand-painted fan throughout the show.

Click through our exclusive images of Loren and her granddaughter and view behind-the-scenes photos from D&G’s men’s show, Alta Sartoria. The presentation took place in Castel dell’Ovo as the sun set over the Bay of Naples. Tuxedos and kaftans were the order of evening, styled with signet rings, exotic skin moccasins and brocade opera slippers.