Pocketful of Dirhams: Can ChatGPT replace financial advisers?

Human interaction with your money manager is still important, says StashAway Mena general manager Joseph El Am

Have you tried ChatGPT yet?

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the chatbot developed by Open AI to generate humanlike conversations with people on a range of topics — big or small.

Many have already tried it and found that its potential is wide-ranging.

Over the past few years, low-cost investment robo-advisers have democratised investing for the masses by using AI to assess, for instance, a person’s risk level.

But what about ChatGPT’s potential as a financial adviser? What type of advice would it offer and could it replace the 20th-century concept of an expensive money manager that many people can’t afford?

Host Felicity Glover speaks to Joseph El Am, general manager of digital wealth manager StashAway Mena, about ChatGPT and financial planning.

Hosted by Felicity Glover

Produced by Arthur Eddyson and Doaa Farid

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Updated: March 01, 2023, 3:42 AM