Pocketful of Dirhams: How to secure a refund on your travel plans amid Covid-19

We reveal how to get your money back and analyse whether booking a holiday now is a good idea

As we approach the summer, many UAE residents are thinking about their travel plans.

But while we would normally be discussing the exotic destinations we are heading to, or the journeys we are planning to our home countries, this year is very different.

Rather than hunting for the best deals, many of us are more focused on either securing a refund on the flights and holidays we have already booked but cannot take, or moving travel plans to much later in the year.

With so much uncertainty around booking flights or holidays, many travellers are left in limbo as they struggle to decide what to do.

So, what is the best way to secure a refund on your flights or holiday? Does travel insurance protect us at this time? When will flight restrictions be lifted around the world? And, with lots of cheap deals on offer, should we even be considering booking a holiday right now?

Host Alice Haine, the personal finance editor of The National is joined by Hayley Skirka, The National's travel correspondent, who guides us through all the options for travellers at this difficult time.

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