Noor Sweid on how to pitch start-up investors in a challenging time

The Global Ventures founder says that despite its difficulties, 2020 can still be a year of opportunity

What do Toyota, Disney, IBM and Airbnb have in common?

They were started during – or right after – a crisis. Whether the Great Depression, the Second World War or the 2007-2008 global financial crisis, major struggles have led visionary founders to build some of the world's biggest, most durable companies.

So what will 2020 yield?

Host Kelsey Warner is joined this week by Noor Sweid, founder and general partner at UAE venture capital firm Global Ventures, to discuss how entrepreneurs can capitalise on opportunity even during times of uncertainty.

She outlines reasons for optimism – including some promising investment trends in the UAE – as well as sectors to watch and tips for founders pitching to investors.

In this episode:

What is Global Ventures? (0m 50s) Investor appetite in the UAE (1m 59s) What tech will stay after 2020? (4m 57s) The change in dynamic between the founder and the investor (7m 09s) The path to liquidity (11m 33s) Headlines (13m 25s)

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