Culture Bites: Palestinian solidarity shown at Glastonbury and thoughts on Goodbye Julia

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In this week’s episode of the Culture Bites podcast, hosts Enas Refaei and Farah Andrews talk about all the moments when the Palestinian cause was front and centre at Glastonbury music festival in the UK, from the flags to the references from Coldplay, Damon Albarn, Charlotte Church and Arab region’s 47Soul.

Farah then covers the recent controversy in Switzerland around a 2012 artwork created by South African artist Tracey Rose, and why a “Stop the Muslim Holocaust” sentence stirred disagreements among different communities, and whether the artwork was censored by the Swiss museum Kunstmuseum Bern.

Enas then shares her thoughts on Goodbye Julia, a Sudanese film that arrived on Netflix in the Middle East this week. The film, by Mohamed Kordofani, was presented at the Cannes Film Festival last year. Enas talks about how the film covers the rift that happened in the years leading to the separation of South Sudan in 2011, and how the actors have mixed feelings about it streaming now as Sudan suffers from a new civil war.


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