Culture Bites: Why opera houses give Arab cities something to sing about

Learn about the must-see Arab films of the 1970s, and are celebrities over-exposed today?

In this week’s episode of Culture Bites, hosts Enas Refaei and Maan Jalal talk about the rise and function of opera houses in Dubai, Sharjah, Riyadh and across Middle East.

What significance do these cultural centres in the region hold? And how do they change the fabric of a city's cultural identity?

Enas discusses the excitement surrounding the coming release of the sequel to the animated film Inside Out, reflecting on the magical impact of the first movie on her children.

Maan then discusses his list of 10 must-watch Arab films from the 1970s and how the political, social and cultural backdrop of that era was reflected in cinema.

He focuses on the film Khaly Balak Men Zozo (Watch Out for Zozo) released in 1972, starring the beloved Egyptian actress Soad Hosny.

Then Enas delves into the world of press junkets and why some celebrities are complaining about them.

Should celebrities complain about having to promote their films? Do press junkets and press tours before a film's release create hype or an over-exposure of some celebrities?

And how does the cancellation of Jennifer Lopez's recent concert tour play into all of this?

Updated: June 09, 2024, 12:45 PM